Hello friend! My name is Elizabeth. I would love to share my heart for my company with you. It will take you a few minutes and when we’re done you will either not be able to get your quote fast enough or think I’m off my rocker and maybe a bad business person! That’s ok. Either way will tell us if we are a right fit for each other.

I started N&C about 3 1/2 years ago with the goal of creating an income that allowed me to build another dream near and dear to my heart. A homeschool campus. To say I was derailed is an understatement. I still want to start that homeschool campus but being an entrepenuer is no joke y’all! It’s taught me so much that I needed to learn. So I’m soaking the lessons in, learning to be a leader, and also the power of collective influence. 

My professional focus is now solidly on the residential cleaning industry. I believe cleaning is a craft, that the organization and cleanliness of a home can make or brake the atmosphere and thus the energy of a home. It brings joy and peace or chaos and frustration. There is power in what we do.

I’ve also learned that the people who work in this industry are generally taken advantage of, talked down to, and grossly undervalued. Every policy, system, and goal we have as a company is, contrary to traditional/popular business thought, not to please the homeowner, BUT to uplift and empower the women in my organization to be paid well, to protect a sustainable and consistent income, and be better mothers, wives, daughters, students, etc. by being supported and valued by their boss and clients alike.

Before you think I’ve gone off the deep end by essentially saying the customer is not the focus, consider the client (maybe you) as the beneficiary of the focus. This system has not only earned us 219 5 star google reviews but also a spot on Tulsa People’s Best of Tulsa 2 years in row, 2018 & 2019!

This focus in turn ensures homeowners (and others who hire us) with the delivery of reliable, trustworthy session providers who enjoy their job and glean satisfaction from the value they provide our clients: TIME. Time for family, time for friends, time for fancies. Our Team members value time as much as our clients and passionately meet expectations.  

“Why the novel Liz?” …You may ask.

Because you’re probably meeting us for the first time and I want you to know before you call or inquire for a quote what drives me and my team. I also want you to know we do not operate like any cleaning company or individual cleaner you have had in the past. Assumptions run rampant in this industry! We are not reinventing the wheel, we have smashed it to pieces with our bare hands and with the same hands we have built a beautiful new wheel meant to empower both parties (and this is just the beginning of a new standard). I don’t overwork and underpay my team members under the false allusion of trust of a national brand name or cute marketing. If you don’t get it, or don’t respect it, don’t call, don’t take the time to fill out the quote sheet. We’re not the right operation for you. By all means, take your pick from the dozens of others that show up in a google search (there are a couple of other great local options), which by the way we are at the top of with 219 5 star google reviews! Or from the recommendation of a co-worker, or Facebook moms group…all good sources.

We are professionals who take every precaution to protect your property, your belongings, and your finances by being bonded, insured, and carry workman’s comp. We take on the risk so you don’t have to, you’ll know what I mean in a second. We won’t entertain working under the table, matching prices with an independent uninsured, non-bonded, non-carrying workman’s comp. individual who cleans as a side hustle with no guarantees or insurances for their clients. Thus putting the homeowner in the position of a domestic employer, legally responsible for damage to property (not usually covered under your homeowners insurance unless you are specified as a domestic employer on your policy) or bodily harm and lost wages incurred by the cleaner as a result from injury to the cleaner while providing a paid service (did you know this applies to babysitters, landscapers, painters, etc.!?!? You should read this: https://www.brewerfirm.com/resources/if-your-household-worker-or-contractor-is-injured-will-you-be-liable/)

I told you I was learning a lot.  

Like I said, we are professionals and operate as such. If all of the above sounds gravy then give us call! We wold love the opportunity to bring you into the community of clients that we love, respect and are grateful for. 

By the way, if you are an independent cleaner checking us out we would love to meet you and help you create a structure that helps protect your clients and empowers your business to it’s fullest potential. Email me at eliza@nookhomestulsa.com. 

Let’s say H E L L O in person with a $1 Kitchen Clean! Just choose the $1 Kitchen Clean Service Type when using our Get-a-Quote form.

Clean is good, Beautiful is Better.
Elizabeth W.

About Me – I enjoy grabbing date nights with my hubby, Rosty, watching my kids learn through homeschooling, a cold glass of dry white wine, reading for growth and entertainment, and watching everything Brittish. I dream of one day being a travel homeschool family living out of a refurbished airstream and playing as a family band around a campfire. 

About Abby – She is an impressive young lady with a kind heart and an energizing work ethic! She is a blessing to our organization and a treasure to all those that have her in their life. She has been a cleaning team member with N&C for 3 years!

She is most passionate about her family. They mean the world to her. She is passionate about seeing her sisters succeed in life, and she does everything she can to help them achieve their goals. She grew up in a family with 6 girls, and they are all very close to each other. She says “I love how we can grow closer to the Lord with all of my family’s encouragement.”

If she could have dinner with anyone it be
Corrie Ten Boom – a survivor of the holocaust.
She ran the largest underground for the Jews in Holland during WWII, preached the gospel in concentration camps & was a very brave women. “She inspired me.”

Her favorite family tradition is at Christmas. Her family “does this cool hunt for a gift by following a string that leads to our present! So our house looks like a huge spider web Christmas morning.”

She is currently reading her Bible “everyday”, and The 5 Love Languages.

If she were a crayon she would be the color hot pink “because I’m *drawn* to that color.”