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Schedule a free consultation to make an appointment with us today at 918-408-8900. Cleaning company tulsa offers a first free hour cleaning of any room of your choice. Let us take care of all your detailed cleaning needs. We are thorough and tidy. We are organized and hardworking. We offer a golden key membership to our clients where we give them free swag! We are so confident in our expertise that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our company is insured and bonded. Give us a call today to set up an appointment at 918-408-8900. We love haikus. We love reading them and writing them. You should send us a haiku. Maybe you could even leave one for us in your home.

Cobwebs and dust on your floorboards can get annoying. Let us unclutter, clean, and organize your living situation. We want your place to be so fresh and so clean clean. We will dust your windowsills, blinders, electronics, and figurines. We will dust off your haikus and give them a quick chuckle. Hopefully they are awesome like our employees. Cleaning company tulsa will take care of you like family. We will become a household name nook and cranny. Its time to get your place radiating, shining, and glossy. We will clean all of your flooring whether it be carpet, area rugs, marble, tile, or hardwood. Your blinds and ceiling fans will be dust free. Let us vacuum, mop, and sweep your entire house. We will take out the trash that’s been stacking up in your house. We will replace the liner with a new and fresh one. Your kitchen may have dishes stacking up. We can wash them then put them away for you. Your food preparation caused a tornado in your kitchen. We will scrub and spot clean your backsplash, appliances, and countertops. Your fridge may be carrying some pretty gnarly science projects in the back that you’ve forgotten. We will disinfect, sanitize, and sterilize your fridge. It will be glossy, shimmering, and lusterious once we are finished. You’ll think a character from one of your childhood fantasy story books came to tidy and organize your place. POOF! Your place is like a whole new home. Now you’ll have the time to relax and get to that to do list that doesn’t involve cleaning your home! We even clean garages. We make beds. We wash linens. We polish and shine silverware.

Our staff is highly professional and sought after. We only choose the most qualified employees as our maidstaff. Cleaning company tulsa we go through rigorious training and screening before we even step foot into your home. We are highly skilled in the ways of cleaning residential homes. Our cleaning staff is known for their enterprising, sprightly, hardworking demeanors. They are very impressive. Give them a try, your first hour cleaning free! Give us a call today at 918-408-8900 to schedule your appointment. We are like no others. We offer so many more perks than any of our neighboring companies. Once you build up a report with us, you’ll look no further. We will become a household name. Because once you become one of our clients you become like family. Don’t forget about our free swag once you sign up to our golden key membership! We offer great deals that you don’t want to miss out on.

Give our professional cleaning service a try today for a one hour free first cleaning sessions in any room of your choosing. Call us cleaning company tulsa today at 918-408-8900. We want to build up a business relationship with you today. We offer free swag once you sign up for our golden key membership. We are awesome, professional, and personable. that’s right, we are so confident in our skillsets, that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back! We are insured and bonded. We want to put a healthy environment back into your home for you and your family.

Do you have cats and dogs? They can create a lot of dander, furr, and hair build up in your home. Cleaning company Tulsa we can eradicate all of the must that has accumulated in your household. When was the last time you threw out all of the old food in the back of your fridge? Sometimes old food can turn into science projects. Don’t worry though, rest assured, we have you covered and we are ready to take care of that issue. We will sterilize and sanitize your entire fridge. Next our housekeepers will take a look at your sink and wash those dishes that have been stacking up for weeks. We will wash them then put them in their designated cabinets. During food preparation we often times don’t pay attention to the food splatter that grows on back splashes, microwaves, and toasters. We can hand wipe your toaster. We can take the crumbs out of it. Cleaning company tulsa. When you’re cooking we know that food gets stuck down in the burners and we’d be happy to clean that out for you. The backsplash serves its purpose and we can scrub that clean as well. Reheating those left overs because you’re trying to save some time? Let us save your time by scrubbing your microwave free of all the exploded food particles and grease. We can scrub your toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks. Your bathroom will sparkle and shine once our gloves on them. Cleaning company tulsa be careful because after we leave your place, you may see your reflection in chrome that you had forgotten you could see your reflection in once cleaned. We take care of chrome faucets, mirrors, and glass. We will even polish your silverware. Are you hosting a get together soon? Nook and Cranny has you covered.

Give us a call today at 918-408-8900. Our housekeeping staff would love to take care of all your cleaning needs. We have gone through strenuous training and screening before we even step foot into your home. We are trustworthy and courteous. Our cleaning company Tulsa will be prompt, diligent, and determined in getting your to do lists around the house done so that you don’t have to. Once we build up our rapport with you, we will become a household name. You won’t go anywhere else for all of your cleaning needs. Because when you become our client, you become like family.