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Give us a call today 918-408-8900, nook and cranny would love to gain your business. Because we know that we can take care of you once you work with us, you’ll wonder how you survived this long without us. Once our clients become regulars they become like family. Your first hour of cleaning is free of any room. We are also insured and bonded meaning your place will be safe until we can get a free quote today. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back if you want free swag. You should join our Golden key membership for all of our customers. We make things simple. Your place will be clean and immaculate will make sure everything is done right. We will go up and beyond your expectations. We want to elevate your home atmosphere and lifestyle by freshening up your home today with a detailed cleaning. Give yourself the time that you deserve and relax. Let us worry about all your cleaning needs.

Our employees are pleasant, and easy-going. They are confident and prompt. You can’t go wrong with our staff we choose them individually by screening them and making them go through rigorous trainings. We do background check so we know that we can trust them inside and outside of the workplace. This means that your place is safe and so is your privacy. We understand this is very important to you and it is to us as well. Our staff is dynamic, charming, and energetic. We cannot be beat. You’ll see how enthusiastic. We are about getting the job done right the first time. Our staff will amaze you and so will our cleaning process, we up-to-date on the latest devices and the best cleaning techniques. The neighborhood will be gleaming with jealousy once they see how clean houses. No wonder where you got it cleaned. We will become a household name, just you wait. Because once you become our client you become like family.

Our cleaning services include cleaning of old including the garage love to sweep, and organize it for you having a party, a get together, celebration of any sort, we will Polish your silver. We can vacuum your furniture. We’ll clean inside the refrigerator, freezer, and oven. We know that sometimes your making leftovers to save some time and the left overs splatter all over your toaster your microwave or your burners. Let us take care of that deep cleaning and scrub everything until it sparkles and shines. Will make sure that your kitchen in your home is disinfected and gleaming before we leave. We will dust your blinders your floorboards your ceiling fans and you figurines. We won’t go without dusting everything in your house if you so ask. No task is too big or too small for us to take care of your bathroom will sparkle, and shimmer with glossy shine. You’ll notice that you’ll build a breathe better because the dander, furr and dust will be erased from your household.

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Are you looking for a reliable, hasslefree and diligent cleaning service? Know you’ve come to the right place at nook and cranny. Give us a call today 918-408-8900. Your first hour of cleaning will be free of any room of your choosing. We are insured and bonded. Get a free quote today to see how much your house will cost we are affordable. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus Golden key membership for returning customers who want free swag. We are unlike any other cleaning service you’ve ever had. We are thorough and everything that we do we are tidy and we are exceptional will freshen up your home today with a detailed cleaning and elevate your home atmosphere. Give yourself more time to relax and to enjoy the things that you prioritize over cleaning. It’s time to take back your life.

Our staff is waiting to meet you with many professionals in the industry working for us to know how to use the tools that are the most up-to-date and best. Our team is personable, pleasant, and determined to make your home sparkling and fresh. We screen and train them before we ever let them set foot into your home or anyone else’s. They work very hard and what they do. We make sure that they are to be trusted on the clock and off by background checking. Your privacy is important and so are your things. Once you become one of our clients you become like family. Your neighborhood will be so impressed that they will want to know where you got your house cleaned. If you did it yourself. You’ll be wondering what you did before you had us in your life. We are the best we can’t be beat. Our customer service is dogmatic. We will purify your home.

From the ceiling to the floor. We will make sure your place is amazingly immaculate kitchen will be spotless. All your small and large appliances. Will be scrubbed and detailed. If you’re creating science projects in the back of your fridge, rest assured that we will dispose of them in a timely manner and we will be sure not to tell anyone about it. If you got food splatter on the backsplash the microwave or your toaster. We will make sure that it’s gone before we leave will dust everything in your place will dust your windows your blinders, windowsills, and ornaments and figurines. Will deepscrub your sink and your dishes will be washed and put away in their designated cabinets. In the living room. We can clean under your couch cushions, we can polish your antique wood furniture. Will scrub your Windows and sliding glass doors to the point where you forget that they are there is. Please don’t run into them because they are so clean. You can’t see them anymore. Let us wash your linens and fold your towels ready for the hot shower you’ve been wanting all day. We Tubs and showers, and sinks, and toilets. You’ll be surprised how dazzling, and glossy. Everything appears. Give us a call today at 918-408-8900 for your free consultation today. Your first hour of cleaning is free with your room of choice.