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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist, take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle. Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast owner of myth, Toma, we are the go-to house cleaning company in the Tulsa metro area. I am so glad you’re here welcome back. Tulsa House Cleaning We are going to have another exciting episode of how to clean white to clean, and what you could be doing instead of cleaning today is specific topic. Is our golden key guarantee? What does that mean? It’S sound so pretty, but what does it actually mean while we figure that cleaning services, specifically nook and cranny cleaning services are the golden ticket or the golden key to freedom in your life? Because the feedback from our clients is that our average service save the client 12 hours of their own time. The golden key guarantee is the top tier of the expectations that you can expect from so three points or golden key guarantee. We are going to exceed your expectations, Tulsa House Cleaning just what we do. We are going to elevate your home atmosphere and, lastly, but most importantly, is a we’re going to empower your time. I believe our golden key guarantee is one of the details of our own business and how we operate that separates us from the dozens of house cleaners in Tulsa house. Cleaning in Tulsa is a very saturated market and you really really not only have to go above and beyond everybody else, but I think that we must exceed our own expectations of herself and that’s where we’re going to start we’re going to start with exceeding your expectations. William Shakespeare, says expectation is the root of all heartache and in this industry there’s a lot of people that hire us because I’ve hired somebody previous and maybe they weren’t happy with them. Maybe they were happy and they stopped, but without clear expectations they will expect from us what they got from their last house cleaner. So, from the very beginning, Tulsa House Cleaning we present our clients with a policies, a disclaimer, a key release: waiver in a Foundation, clean checklist. This is the basis of expectations. I give you a and you can expect at least a butt Part of arc. Our core service values to our client is exceeding your expectations. So I’m going to give you an Insider look at how we do this for you. How do we beat your expectations when we are cleaning in Tulsa Oklahoma? Well, the first one is starts with the foundation clean checklist. My team members all work by checklist and their checklist. It’S going to look different than your checklist, so you got a foundation clean checklist. What my girls, Tulsa House Cleaning my team members, my young, ladies, they have a list that is slightly better slightly more detailed than yours, and these can actually change, because over time we may notice just some some sweet spots and home some areas of the home that are near and Dear to a homeowner, and if we notice that it’s just an exceptional part of the home a place that they love, that is maybe not on the list it and it cannot be a place that can be a thing. Then we will go the extra mile to make sure that it looks good in one of our favorite favorite objects in home to clean. That is not on the foundation. Clean checklist is a coffee pot.

I mean what we we, we wipe off the small appliances, but a coffee pot, coffee it just it’s dark and it’s brown and it gets built up inside that coffee pot. While we can make it look brand new and is a coffee drinker myself, I don’t know about you, but coffee definitely taste better and it clean coffee pot. So that is one of the things that we like to do when we exceed your expectations. We just do little things that go above and beyond a little surprised that you weren’t expecting that make you want to take a little leap for joy, okay, so next to the elevating home atmosphere – and I take a lot of Pride – and I know that my team Members take a lot of pride in leaving a home better than we found it, and I believe that cleaning services are just as important as a professional organizer and even a professional decorator, I’m going to read a finding from Princeton University. This isn’t 2011 researchers at Princeton University found that clutter can actually make it more difficult to focus on a particular task. Specifically, they found that the visual cortex can be overwhelmed by tasks irrelevant objects, Tulsa House Cleaning making it harder to allocate attention and complete tasks if efficiently so you’re. In your home, let’s say that you are a mother and a wife and you staying home with your children during the day, and you have a million things on your checklist: cooking cleaning, grocery shopping, other errands, changing diapers are so many things, and it’s so funny because There was a point in my life where I was a stay-at-home mom and it was afternoon before you knew it and you would think to yourself. What did I do today and when the children are your priority and you’re trying to take care of children? You get sidetracked, so if you are a person that you need, there’s people that need their home to be clean and organized and then there’s people. I think we all need it, but I think some of us realize it. Some of us might think why am I, where am I wasting time in? The fact, is that I had things laying around my house that were distracting me from my main goal, Tulsa House Cleaning from whatever the main task was that day. The reason why my afternoon got there before I knew it was because I had messages all over the house that I was not able to get to, and that is why what we do is so important and it is life-changing to clients, because what we do allows Them to focus their energies where they either need to focus, or they more desire to focus so elevating the home. Miss fear is US, leaving your home better than we found it.

It’S going to smell better visually, it’s going to look better, it should visually look clean and one of the Teeny tiniest details, but I feel makes the biggest impact in a home is that when we’re cleaning, two things are going to happen. You’Re, either going to spend the next couple of days finding a little things that we didn’t do and when I say we are I’m talking about house cleaners in general, two things are going to happen. You’Re going to spend the next couple days. They didn’t touch this or they didn’t touch that or you’re going to spend the next couple days. Thank all my gosh look at that. They clean this you’re, going to open up your oven and you’re, going to see some little little details that you only notice it now, because before it was so disgusting you pretended it wasn’t there and then we cleaned it and it’s beautiful and it feels like it Did the day that you moved in or maybe the day that you were bought the day you bought that appliance? That is elevating your home. Miss fear it’s days of finding little surprises of details that we cleaned instead of the opposite, which is all they didn’t clean. The sorrow they didn’t clean, that that is D, elevating your home atmosphere and, in those instances, it’s time to find a new house cleaner, Tulsa House Cleaning which won’t be us. We are the company that it is you’re still wonderful when you walk in, and you just continue to feel wonderful 4 days, because the clean is that thorough and that detailed and we get every nook and cranny. Okay Lastly, is empowering your time. Our clients share with us that, on average are Services, save them 12 hours of their own time. I’Ll just take a second and think about that. What would you do with an extra 12 hours of your own time? Tulsa House Cleaning We have several clients that work from home and our services serve and then in such a personal way, because what we do saves you time, but when you work from home, what we do is for you is literally money. It is literally making you money, you pay for the service, but your productivity that you could be doing on that job. Well, were there cleaning is money in your pocket. That is just one dimension of our time. Freeing power, so another dimension would be. You could go on a date to three for date: nights with that amount of time, you’re talking about extra cuddles with your kids you’re talking about maybe, instead of cleaning your decorating. How many of us have hundreds of pictures that we keep saying we’re going to get to and we never do, there’s so many little pocket of details in our lives that hiring a house cleaning company, specifically nook and cranny, can save you there just take a second And shot down how you would spend 12 hours of your own time. Another dimension of this is – and I talked about this – a little bit with clients at work from home. But if you have you ever monetized your time, you can do this one of two ways. You can take what you actually make right now and you can divide that into some type of you.

Can you hourly where you / the hours that you work each week or you can write down the amount of money you want to make, and you divide that by the hours that you would prefer to work so once you have your time monetized then. If I tell you that we’re going to save you, 12 hours of your own time, multiply that and then you know what our cleaning service actually concrete does for your life and it’s huge. It is huge. We love it when our clients share with us the experiences that they’ve had instead of cleaning a real important aspect or model or theological thought or ideology. I guess you would say in in those that would categorize themselves as minimalist or really really pushed experiences over things, and I think that nook and cranny home keeping really fits like a puzzle. Piece into that. Because, let’s say that your home in general is organized and you try to keep the Clutter to a minimum you’re already, freeing your mind to so many possibilities and experiences. But then the cherry on the cake. You hire nook and cranny to come in and do your house cleaning and it it’s like an atomic bomb, went off on your time. You not only we do we actually just did it clean this morning for a family that I don’t know if they would categorize them self minimalist, but if I had to with my broad experience of home, I would definitely categorize them as a family that values experiences Over things – and they were having a birthday party this afternoon, so their home was not terribly did not. It took half the time that maybe I think an average or typical house would take to clean just cuz. There wasn’t a lot of stuff to clean around, but the mom was playing with her kids outside and she was having snack with them and she was actually enjoying an experience at that moment. Instead of cleaning for the afternoon that was coming so, if you’ve ever hosted anything in your home, you know that stress before dozens of people are going to come in. You know that you wanted to look perfect, Tulsa House Cleaning but I have to say I find this woman exceptionally, why is that? She called us and that she was enjoying her morning. Chances are she’s going to enjoy that party even better in the evening. Nook and crannies golden key guarantee is your golden key to time. Freedom, elevated home experience and exceeded expectations, get ready to have your socks knocked off by Tulsa’s, best house, cleaning, company, nook and cranny home keeping. This is where we must say goodbye. I’M Elizabeth owner and operator of nook and cranny home Keeping home of Tulsa’s only try-before-you-buy house cleaning service claim yours today give us a call at 918-408-8900. You can also reach it by email, Aliza, that’s Eliza at Nakoma tulsa.com. You can also find it on the web. At www.nook.com, we are so happy that you joined us today and until next time, hiring a pink rainy and say hello to life.