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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist, take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle. Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast hello got something really really exciting. Sifting through the dozens, if not hundreds, of house cleaners, that you have the option of hiring how in the world do you decide who you should hire if you, Google, Search right now, your area and house cleaners, I guarantee you dozens, if not hundreds are going to Pop up, depending on where you are, depending on your area and the biggest city that you’re in so we’re in Tulsa Oklahoma, if we, Google, Tulsa house cleaners, we are going to have so many pop-up and you have to be thinking how in the world do I Tulsa House Cleaning Decide who to choose who are these people? How do I make the smartest decision? That’S what we’re going to talk about today? What should you expect from a professional house cleaner and what should you be looking for? Okay? So, let’s get started. The first thing that you want to look for is: are they insured and bonded? So when you, Google search you’re going to have so many pop-up, what you want to start looking for is the top rated cleaning companies. So if you, Google tilt the house cleaning, we pop up at the top of the map, that tells you right there. We got a lot of reviews. People like us, you want to read those reviews, the best, the best way that you can tell if somebody’s going to fit right for you as if their current and past clients have loved them, so top rated check, then once you’ve got your top rated, you want To start making phone calls, let’s maybe take those top three or four, let’s start calling, let’s see what they offer, what their prices are with their systems. Look like so first question that you should ask anybody and it maybe they have us on their website. Are they insured and are they bonded and why the heck is that so important, but I’ll tell you a little story. We recently went on a walk through for a man who hired a cleaner off of Craigslist. Now there are some good cleaners on craigslist, but this particular just hired somebody off of Craigslist and the lady who he hired was not insured and bonded. She just offered a cleaning service and he let her come into his home. Tulsa House Cleaning She ended up running an escort service out of his house, I’m not lying,
I’m not joking! Tulsa House Cleaning That is the real deal. That is why it’s so important to hire somebody that’s insured and bonded. It really takes a 30 minute phone call to an insurance agent and a couple hundred dollars a month and you’re insured, and that is protection for you, that’s protection for the business, so you should know right off the bat that if a cleaner is not insured, they Are not taking their liability or your liability seriously, and you don’t want them in your home and bonded? What does that mean to be bonded? If there’s ever an accusation of theft? The bond automatically covers that and if they’re not expensive, I think a bond is probably for an entire year for ,000. So if somebody doesn’t have that they’re just being irresponsible, you don’t want them in there in your house, okay. So the second thing that you want to look for your you’re making phone calls you’re talking to these cleaning companies sifted out the dozens down to a few based on the top-rated. Then what you want to do is you want to take those top rated? You want to check off those who are not insured and bonded. So now we’ve got a list. I bet we’re down to pay, be maybe two or three house cleaners. Now you want to start looking into how they run their business. You want to make sure that it is clean not as an hygienically clean, but their systems are cleaned. Their expectations are clean. Everything is laid out in Crystal Clear. We find in our business that the biggest hick up to a good customer service is just communication. So you want to make sure that they have written out expectations and what I mean by that is policies and procedures may be a disclaimer anything up front. Tulsa House Cleaning That just puts those expectations up front like a checklist. What’S going to be, what do I get if I pay for package a? What do I get for that and how much does it cost the third? The third aspect you want to look at it for a cleaning company is, do they have adequate supplies? Are they using good quality stuff if they’re coming in your home with all Dollar Tree supplies, and maybe some vinegar and a couple of dirty rags, you don’t want them in your house if they’re not using gloves, you don’t want them in your house and also their Systems, you probably should stay at least once and watch and make sure that they’re cleaning top to bottom and that when they’re cleaning bathrooms that they’re doing – and I had jennick way, they’re doing it in a way that does not spread germs from the bathroom to other Areas of the house and we’ve had clients in the past tell us that they’ve had cleaning people actually put Rags on the kitchen counter that they used in the bathroom.

I know that that seems a little non commonsensical, but it happens because people need to get cleaners into a house, so they just have low expectations, maybe they’re not paying attention, maybe they weren’t trained. Who knows so? State pay attention and watch, and the last thing is a great follow through now. You really don’t know about this until you’ve actually hired the company, but don’t sign any contracts, don’t put yourself in any kind of obligation until you’ve seen a company start to finish how they greet you, how they treat you and how they leave you. That’S what you want to that’s what you want to utilize utilize that to make the very best decision, we find that most of our clients have gone through several several house cleaners. There’S one way or another somebody’s dropped, the ball somewhere around the way. So no complaining we try to get you Top Notch customer service in cleaning from point A all the way to point Z. So all this come to a moment where we think to ourselves. Tulsa House Cleaning I need help. I can’t do it all and that’s perfectly fine. It doesn’t matter if it’s, if it’s something simple like house cleaning or maybe it’s something more serious like Plumbing or electrical. We all come to that point where we say I got to hire somebody so the few steps that I’ve already mentioned, we’re going to dive into those a little bit deeper when you, when you finally realize that that I need some help in this area. This is what we’re going to do we’re going to get you the very very best, even if you’re, not in Tulsa Oklahoma, we’re going to help. You find that the steps to find the very best house cleaners I have to tell you house cleaning, gets personal, even if you’re super professional, because you’re still in people’s homes, you still get to know them. You get to
know their kids and it is very, very important who you allow into your life and into your home. So we did a Google search for Tulsa Oklahoma. We came up at the Top If You click on top rated you’ll, see nook and cranny home. Keeping and currently right now we have a 65 Google reviews. That is a really good start for somebody in Tulsa to find Tulsa house cleaner. So how do you sift through? Tulsa House Cleaning Not only us, but everybody else down that list? Okay, so first you started making your phone calls are going to look for insured and bonded and you’re calling and you’re comparing. How long does it take them to call you back if it takes them a little while it’s cool just to give them maybe a little bit of time because we’re all very busy, but if they don’t call you back for 24 hours or a day? Hopefully they call you back within a couple hours, but I don’t necessarily think that that’s the the tip of the iceberg or the the linchpin that’s going to tell you if they are going to serve you right or not. If anything, it might be that they are super busy and they are just super popular and people, love them and they’re. Getting calls after calls after calls, and it might just take them a little bit to get back to you. Don’T worry about that. Don’T even think that that could hinder how they’re going to actually clean your house. So when you start comparing cleaning companies make sure that you are comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges and not apples to oranges, because there’s something that most people do not know is that in this industry in the house cleaning industry there are no standards. There are no requirements in some states, you are required to have a business license, but I don’t believe in any states, definitely not in Oklahoma.

You are not required to be during required to be insured and bonded, but you’re definitely not required to have a license or any kind of any kind of training you’re. Just literally, anybody can pick up a mop and broom out of their closet and put an ad on Craigslist and start cleaning people’s houses. There is nothing, absolutely no standards. So would you compare nook and cranny to your cousin’s sister’s friend’s little side, business? Absolutely, not you’re! You’Re going to get a completely totally different experience, not that your cousin sisters, friend, side business, isn’t good. Maybe she probably cleans fabulous, but she is a single, cleaner, she’s, probably not insured and bonded. So when we talk about price and expectations and scope of work, Tulsa House Cleaning you’re going to have an apple to an orange, not necessarily that one is any better, except for the internal bonding, but just know that they operate different. So it looking craney. Not only are we insured and bonded, but we’re legit business, we pay taxes, we have registered employees to pay payroll taxes and you can’t compare that to your cousin’s sister’s best friend, who gets paid under the table and has no employees. She is going to be a lot lot cheaper. You might get what you pay for in the instance and when it comes to companies like that, you should also know that the less you pay, the less wiggle room there is for fabulous customer experience for customer satisfaction when you operate as a business. Any cards like your business, we have more room to make you happy. We have that that wiggle room to throw something in for free or just do something that you’re not expecting, which is a really big part of our customer experience, is going above and exceeding expectations.
So if you’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma and you’re searching for Tulsa house cleaning – and we come up and in a dozen other ones, make sure that you compare us to another locally owned cleaning company – and there are several really good ones here in Tulsa, another locally owned company Who is a legit business who pays their taxes and is registered and if they happen to be certified fabulous? That said, another great way to see if a cleaning company is going to actually clean your house, the rock the right way, because in this industry, Tulsa House Cleaning all of us are always sharing ideas, ideas with each other and a lot of people will suggest DIY stuff. That really would be no good, so so, if they’re certified that’s great cuz, that means that a third party has actually train them. How to clean they’re not going to train you to use vinegar on marble which is kind of common in this industry and people, trading, tricks and secrets, and all that so so they’re certified! That’S fabulous! So if you’re in Tulsa Oklahoma and you are searching Tulsa house cleaning, don’t compare us to somebody who doesn’t even have a website, Tulsa House Cleaning maybe they’re only listed on Craigslist we’re not even going to be on the same range of each other. So let’s go through a couple. More of the the expectations that you should be looking for, you should be expecting for a cleaning company to come. Do a walk-through. If a cleaning company does not want to come, Tulsa House Cleaning do a walk-through with you. You just need to be aware of that: you’re either going to be overcharged or you going to be up under charged and either way you’re not going to get the best experience. So even though it can kind of be a hassle, expect a walkthrough from a legit business from somebody who wants to give you the very best that they have to offer okay and then, let’s talk about expectations of communication between you and a house cleaning company at Nick and cranny, when we get a new client, we send them 3 things. We send them a disclaimer. We send them policies as well as a key release waiver and when, when I talk about policies, I talk about simple things such as: what do we do when there’s animals in the home? What do we do if an animal has an accident? What do we do if we break something? What do we do if there’s something left out that is prohibiting us from cleaning? What do we do with the item? How do you pay? How do we refund you?

What’S the cancellation policy, there are so many things that need to be put out in front of both of you in a good, solid working business relationship. So if they do not have the policies to give you or disclaimer, then you need to be aware that you’re going to you, it is inevitable. You’Re going to have stuff come up and one of y’all is not going to know how to handle it and it will create tension and it will end awkwardly. So our policies are disclaimer are basically an accumulation of of instances that we’ve had pop up and we’ve learned from those, and so now we put them in policies. We we present them to a potential client from the very beginning before they even hire us. They can look at it and make sure that it’s even something that that they want to work with and they agree with. Okay. So another expectation that you want to know is the scope of the work. That’S to be done so you’ll call a cleaning company, you’ll say: oh, my house hasn’t been cleaned up forever. Oh my gosh, that’s so nasty I need to clean. But what does a deep clean mean that can mean something different to everybody? So what we had milk and creamy home keeping have done is we have compiled what we call a foundation clean checklist. Every home starts with a foundation clean and deep. Clean projects are added onto that things like your baseboards or Windows. Tulsa House Cleaning Your blinds interior of your fridge, the interior of your oven, the inside of your trash. Can that is a clear communication from us to you what you’re going to get into a package that way there is no. I thought that you were going to do this, but you didn’t do it and now I’m upset, or we did do something that you were expecting and you’re super excited and thankful for it, which is fabulous, but you paid for it. It was on your list. Alright, let’s talk about one more thing, really, the I think the biggest expectation between house cleaners in clients is the clean before the cleaning. I’M sure you’ve heard your friends say: I’ve got to clean cut the cleaning. Ladies coming well, she’s not really cleaning she’s, more picking up the mess that she’s going to have to pick up again tomorrow that way we can get in there. We can actually clean. Take your dishes. For instance, we don’t do dishes or not included on the foundation clean checklist, not that we won’t do them.
We will do them, but it’s not included on the foundation clean. So our clients expect that when we come, they have to have their dishes washed and put away – or at least in the dishwasher they’re going to have to do the dishes again tomorrow. But they’re not going to have time to do if they’re not going to have time to let their faucet and their handles setting cleaner for a couple of hours and then scrub cleaned you all the hard water stains off in the food in the crime. That’S what we do we do. We do the cleaning that makes that mess bearable in between. So your house can be messy, but it can be clean, but it can’t be dirty and be clean. So what your friend is doing when she says I’m going to clean before the cleaning lady comes she’s, actually just picking up her she’s, putting their dirty clothes away off of the floor so that we can vacuum underneath she is putting away papers the stack of papers. You know they all accumulate on our table or on a breakfast bar, occasionally she’s putting those away so that we can wipe underneath them. That’S the clean, so she she actually picks up before we come clean, so you’re going to have many deciding factors when you’re choosing a cleaning company it can be priced, it can be availability, it can be the type of products that they use. There are so many options when it when it comes to choosing a house cleaner. Tulsa House Cleaning You just need to make sure that number one they’re insured and bonded number to they have clear communication of expectations between you, the client and them the company, and also make sure that their people are background checked. Make sure that they’re allowing people into your home that they not only trust but they have checked legally and lastly, whoever you allow in your home make sure that they serve your needs above above everything else, there’s so many factors that can go into cleaning a home. So many personal things that can go into cleaning a home so make sure whoever it is that they are respectable, that they are comparable to other companies in the industry in your town, and we hope that you will call us nook and cranny Tulsa Oklahoma. Give us a call, we are right now we are the only cleaners in Tulsa to offer a try-before-you-buy will come clean, any area of your house for an hour. You don’t have Thursday no obligation, you don’t have to buy anything to see what we do. We’Re going to save you a ton of time, just in that one 1 hour clean. Our phone number is 918-408-8900. Thank you for listening today and we look forward to serving you