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Welcome to the new talk about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle, welcome to the nook and cranny podcast, Nook and kranny home keeping, we are based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. We are Tulsa’s, go to house cleaner. If you need to get ahold of us, you can reach us at 918-408-8900. Today we are talking about every homeowner, at least in Oklahoma, every homeowners nemesis. Can you guess just think about that? One thing in your home: you can never get rid of hard water stains. It is so bad in Oklahoma, and we say that if your shower doors look like they’re frosted, it is time to call Nick and cranny home keeping they are so hard to get rid of and the best the best defense against hard water stains is actually a Preventive care, so if you get brand new doors, then you put some rain guard on them. You put some type of sealed water shield on them and that will make your glass doors last four years as opposed to what happens. Tulsa House Cleaning Typically, is we just shower everyday and we let it go and before you know it, we really literally cannot see on the other side of that shower door. It create some type of privacy but unintended privacy. So if you are in the Tulsa area – and you have horrible hard water stains, they know we are the people to call I’m going to tell you what we do to get rid of hard water stains, I’m going to tell you what they are, what they aren’t And how to get rid of them if possible? So let’s get started hard. Water stains are actually just minerals, they are calcium and magnesium and Limestone. So all that’s happening is it’s just having our water and when we shower or we are using our sinks, it just builds up overtime and overtime, and so, if you’re not proactive, then they quickly accumulate, I would even say daily: they need to be taken care of.

So and what you can do on a daily basis, if your shower does not have natural stone in it PSA Natural Stone. Listen please please, please! If your shower has Natural Stone, do not do this, but if you just have a porcelain or just a regular, maybe type of some type of vinyl wall or tile in your shower in your shower stall, then you can do this. You can take a mixture of a cup of vinegar, a cup of water in a cup of Dawn and check it in Daily spray that on there and not will break down those mineral deposits and prevent them from coming back. But if you have natural stone that vinegar will ruin it so do not use this solution. If you have a natural stone in Your Shower, but what they do is they just build up and they literally become rocks on your shower door, and there is a term that we use. It is called a text in if you have hard water stains that are etched in other than replacement and maybe a good sanding. You may not be able to get rid of those hard water stains. That’S why it’s so important to go ahead and be proactive in cleaning these everyday or hiring a house cleaning companies to come in on a regular basis and clean your showers. That way, you don’t get to a point where you have to to come to a decision of. Do I spend a couple hundred dollars having somebody come in and professionally resurface, Tulsa House Cleaning my glass doors, or do I spend three times that amount and just replace my glass door? So you know when I get there and you don’t want to get rid of beautiful, shower doors for curtains, because the shower doors do, I add such a beautiful personality and character to a bathroom, but they can also accumulate on faucets, and we see this a lot In the shower and in the bathroom – and we have a Nifty little tool that we use to break that up, but you see what we do is we will come in and we will spray are cleaner and we just use a ph-neutral multi-purpose and we just let That sit for about 30-45 minutes, and then we take her Handy Andy Tool, which is like a big revolving toothbrush and we just power that away now. Sometimes that may not get rid of it.

Sometimes we do need to hit it with something a little bit stronger. Like Bar Keepers, Friend or something else, we might use as a hydrogen peroxide cleaner, which is really good to it. Cleaning the hard water stains any type of mineral buildup, and we usually try to let the chemical do the work and then the tool can finish the job. But if we’re dealing with a hard water, Tulsa House Cleaning hard water stains on a glass shower door, our favorite way to take care of those hard water stains is to take A4 stainless steel wool scrubber and Bar Keepers Friend the liquid type of Bar Keepers Friend, and we lightly Moisturize the door, we will gently scrub on some Bar Keepers Friend and we let it sit a little bit. We made scrub it again and then we let that actually dry and then we wipe it off and then we may have to repeat the process. If, if it’s that bad – and even at that point sometimes they’re made, we may not be able to get 100 % of the hard water stains off at that moment. But if it is a repeat client, then we can. We can tear down at that eats go around and we can eventually get rid of that as much as possible. Tulsa House Cleaning So hard water stains can be Nemesis that can ruin beautiful glass shower doors, be proactive in protecting your glass shower door from the hard water stains and fire house cleaner to come in on a regular basis and take care of that. If you see not just the hard water stains, which are obvious because it clouds at the whole shower door, but if you see green or red in or around the faucets, in your sinks, either in the bathroom or in the kitchen that is limescale building up and The more in the longer you let I go the harder that it’s going to be to get rid of it and that can ruin stainless steel or copper fixtures. These are things that you want to take care of from the very beginning, so that you don’t even have to consider restoration.

So if you are in the Tulsa Metro – and you are looking for a house cleaner or house, cleaning company – Tulsa House Cleaning give us a call at 918-408-8900, we’re going to come out and we’re going to give you a free one hour of cleaning any room in the area. There is no obligation to buy afterwards. We just want to show you what we do and we want to interview to be your house cleaner. You can find us online at www.net comes tulsa.com. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. Both handles are not comes Tulsa, and if you go to our Instagram page, you can find hundreds of pictures before and after pictures of our work. But specifically, there are some really really great and fabulous before and afters of showers that were just covered with hard water stains to the point where you can’t, even if you’re standing outside of the shower, you can’t see the inside of a shower and if you’re in Side of the shower, you can’t see the floor on the other side on the outside of the shower, and those after pictures looks brand spanking new, it’s beautiful and we’re so proud of that work that we do. Tulsa House Cleaning It gives us great pleasure and being able to restore a glass to its natural beauty. So once again, our phone number is 918-408-8900 until next time, higher, nothing cranney, home, keeping and say hello to life.