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Welcome to the new talk about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle, welcome to the nook and cranny podcast, hey y’all, I’m Elizabeth owner and operator of nook and cranny home keeping. We are back for another great episode of why we clean how we clean and what you could be doing. Tulsa House Cleaning Instead of cleaning, we are based out of Tulsa Oklahoma, so we serve the Tulsa metro area. If you are looking for a house cleaner or a house cleaning company, please give us a call at 918-408-8900. Let’S Dive Right In, we are going to be talking about toxic cleaning agents today. So this is important for homeowners and especially for us as house cleaners, because as a homeowner, you are coming into contact with cleaning agents everyday, but maybe not the more intense ones that we are on a day-to-day basis. Every single day we’re coming into contact with cleaning agents in we want to make sure that what were using a not only say for you, Tulsa House Cleaning  but it is safe for us as well. So, let’s start off by saying that Cleaning Solutions, cleaning supplies there is such a variety. You can go as non-toxic and safe as you want, and we all know that we can get crazy toxic to a point where we can’t breathe you in a room if you’re using a certain cleaner or a certain solution. So let’s talk about that a little bit today and let’s talk about what why what is safe and why it’s important to be aware of what were using, I’m not going to be talking specifically anything about the environment. I think that’s for another show another time today. We’Re just going to concentrate on our bodies as human beings and what it does to us. So I want to start off with stating that I believe – and I think studies show that children are the most at-risk suffering from whether it’s an acute reaction or it’s more of a long-term reaction. It could be something that happens now, or it can be something that happens over time. Our children are the ones crawling around on the floors, they’re, the ones that are closer, I and lung level, with the oven, with the toilet, with everything in the home.

So they are, they do come into contact more with the cleaners. Then we are as the adults. So with that in mind, let’s just talk about what some of those cleaners can cause, what they can do. It can be something as simple as a skin rash and we use we switched detergent. This is a few years ago. We were just in a hurry and we went to the Dollar Tree and we bought some some heavy smelling detergent and our baby broke out in hives all over his body, and it took it at least three days to fully go away. But that’s an immediate reaction which is easy to pinpoint another one could be: asthma, trouble, Tulsa House Cleaning breathing the skin, irritations, watery eyes and itchy throat, and then there can be more long-term, problematic reactions to a toxic cleaner, Tulsa House Cleaning and that is cancer hormone disruption. These are obviously things. We don’t want in our lives, are in the lives of our children, so it is very important to be aware of what were using in our home. We look at the labels on her food and I think that it’s just as important to look on the labels of our cleaners, solutions that were using. So I’m going to shoot a quote that you, this is from Robin Sharma. She says that changes hard at first messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end, and I know first-hand that it can take a lot of work, not necessarily the actual action of taking the cleaning items out of your home, Tulsa House Cleaning but convincing yourself that this is something You need to do for the health of your family. It can take time because we have been inundated with marketing and gorgeous advertising since the 1950s. With this idea of the perfect housewife and everything she’s using and so we’ve come to appreciate a clean home. More than a healthy home, and if you you feel like your home, is messy and it’s not clean.

I think that you should take comfort in the fact that it clean home does not necessarily mean a healthy home, because the solutions that we use I’ll just say it. Who knows, I’m going to shoot some names that you are some ingredient names that you’re not going to be able to pronounce? Who knows what is in our environment? It is crazy what we, but we will put in our homes, but not be aware, Tulsa House Cleaning or we question when somebody gets sick. Why did they? Why do they have this just awful disease? Will it could be because we’re living in an environment that is toxic and it feeds disease and degeneration? So it is very important that we put in our homes good things just like our bodies, so I’m going to move on to a couple of the ingredients in some toxic cleaners, and we, the only toxic cleaners that we use, are the oven cleaner, that we have To use occasionally to clean out the interior of an oven, those are the major toxic chemicals, the oven, cleaner and ammonia because they have fumes that they release and when you, if you have ammonia and you have chlorine in the same room and they mix it is A deadly mix and it can create chloramine gas, and we all know how awful that is. Cuz. We just saw her recently on the news where somebody use it as a weapon against a whole people population, and we don’t want that in our homes, and I actually do have a friend who, Tulsa House Cleaningabout 5 years ago, her dad was cleaning and he had a toxic Mix of ammonia and I’m not sure if it was chlorine, it was something and he breathed it in too long and it it just scorched his lungs and he did not survive. I don’t know how long it was from exposure to the actual time he passed, but we are dealing with actual chemical that there are regulations against. We just don’t really take the proper precautions to safeguard ourselves now, as professional cleaners, we always have gloves, and we have face, masks, honest and we open up Windows if necessary. We turn on fans, we do whatever we can to eliminate the accumulation of toxins in our environment, because your home is our work environment and we want it to be just as safe for us as it is for you once again: ammonia and chlorine. Another sudsing agent is – and forgive me if I miss pronouncing, because this is not normal person, speak diet, then alone I mean and try ethanolamine.

These are studying agents and we all love that bubbly feeling. But those are two chemicals that are common to Hudson Cleaners. A chemical used in detergents and multi purposes is called alkylphenol at the looks a lights these are used in multi-purpose cleaners, not specifically the Aquafina lepel exelate key non. None phenyl has been shown to cause estrogen-sensitive breast cancer cells to multiply in a test tube. So these are Big whopping words that have a big whopping implications for our lives. It is so important. We just take the extra few minutes to decide if it is the worst having a super duper. Clean shiny spot was home as opposed to a healthy home. We believe that it is completely possible to have a clean and a healthy home and house cleaning. There’S no reason wine with all of our options and with this huge Market we have such great non-toxic cleaners at our disposal to use on on a fairly regular basis. There’S no reason that we have to go to those extremes. Now we will occasionally use some of those if it’s on its has to be just an occasional basis, and if we do use them, we protect and Safeguard ourselves so that we are not putting ourselves at risk for being hurt and harmed in anyway. Well. That concludes today’s podcast about toxic, cleaner, I’m, Elizabeth Walker. I am the owner and operator of nook and cranny home keeping if you are in the Tulsa Metro and you are looking for a house cleaner or a house cleaning company, you can give us a call at 918-408-8900. We will give you a free one hour clean any room in the area of your home. There is no obligation, it is 2 * opportunity to interview to be your house cleaner. You can reach us on the web. At www.net comes tulsa.com visit us on Facebook and Instagram with the handle that comes Tulsa and until next time, fire nook and cranny and say hello to life.