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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist, take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle. Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast air based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. We are the go-to house cleaning company in our area and we are so happy. You have joined us for another podcast of how to clean white to clean and what you could be doing. Instead of cleaning, Tulsa House Cleaning today’s topic is very simple, yet can have big ramifications in your home, and that is vinegar. Vinegar is a very, very hot topic right now in cleaning. There are a million articles on the internet right now on how to green clean, and I can guarantee you that vinegar is the number one that is the go-to solution for non-toxic cleaning, and it is wonderful. It does clean very well other than the smell vinegar does have great cleaning properties, and I have a very funny quote about the smell of vinegar. This comes from Jennifer Egan, she says, vinegar, that’s what fear smells like and I can relate vinegar is just one of those, those solutions that we actually use a lot in her home, but the smell can be hard to get over. So let’s talk about cleaning your home with vinegar as a cleaning company. We do not use vinegar to clean clients home. Then I’m going to get into why. Tulsa House Cleaning But if you are a homeowner and you like to clean with vinegar – and you like that, it is non-toxic. Then, by all means go for it, but what I’m going to share with you on why we don’t clean a client’s home with vinegar. You can apply those principles in your own home, but I feel like you should also use that as a interviewing standard for cleaning companies. So if you are looking for a house cleaner or a house cleaning company to come in and clean your home, you should ask: what are you going to clean my home with and if they say, vinegar and I’m going to give you some really good boundaries? For that vinegar, because even though vinegar is non-toxic and considered green, it can do some major damage in your home.

So let’s get started with What vinegar is right. Now there are about 21 different varieties sold commercially of vinegar, but what is vinegar exactly what it is made from any type of organic compound, such as beer or grain, or most commonly the sugarcane? And it goes through a fermentation process that produces acetic acid and it’s not acetic acid. That is going to be the actual cleaning Warrior and not solution. So what can you use vinegar to where? What? How can you use it in your home and where, should you not use it in your home? So let’s go through a few quick to do and to don’ts with vinegar. So why is vinegar good to clean with in how can it potentially be hazardous to your home? Well, it’s a good alternative to bleach in its cleaning power, but not necessarily it’s germ-killing power, for instance, Tulsa House Cleaning it can’t clean or it can’t kill staph, but it can definitely get rid of everyday germs. So it is safer than bleach and most toxic house cleaners, but it has a pH of about 2.3, which means that it’s very acidic and what does that mean for your home? Well think about the different services that you have in your home. You might have some natural stone, you might have some wood floors. These are surfaces that should not be cleaned with vinegar and the problem with that is that not only do you just have a million bloggers telling you to clean with vinegar, but ABC even recently aired A short segment on their morning. Show that was talking about vinegar and this house cleaner, and I think New York somewhere, that only uses three ingredient to clean a home. Well, if vinegar gets on marble or any kind of Natural Stone it can, it can discolor it. Tulsa House Cleaning Even if it’s the old, you still do not want to put vinegar on any type of Natural Stone surface. Another common misconception is that you should clean wood floors with vinegar and there is a there’s a two-fold problem with that. First off, you want to make sure that whatever you’re cleaning your wood floors with first that it’s not wax based but in vinegar, is not obviously, but anything is the amount of moisture that you’re having or that you’re putting on a wood floor. You want to make sure that your mom is a minimally moisture moisturizer and maybe even have a fan going in the area so that it can evaporate any leftover moisture as quick as possible, Tulsa House Cleaning because any moisture left on wood floors can warp the wood flooring do not Want that happening, but even more seriously, if, if vinegar, is in that moisture in the vinegar is sitting on the wood floor. That is not good for your wood floors and I have even seen wood floor companies promoting cleaning with vinegar and that should just just shut there. So many things wrong with that, I feel like vinegar, is a key term right now and the cleaning industry. It’S a quick go to for green cleaning, which is huge right now and rightfully so.

I think it’s so important that were cleaning with non-toxic. So that is why we don’t clean with vinegar in a client’s home, because there are solutions and Peach neutral solutions that we can clean with that do just as good of a job as vinegar. So why does a house cleaner choose to use vinegar mainly because it’s Dirt Cheap, we’re talking pennies pennies pennies, but that also risks your your homes, Integrity? Tulsa House Cleaning We have cleaned a home where the homeowners even know what it was. We actually pointed it out to her, but she had some marble. That was a text and she said that her previous homeowner did that. But she didn’t know how it happened or why it happened or even what it was and come to find out. That cleaner was using vinegar and the vinegar or the home cleaner. The house cleaner did at Her Marble using vinegar, so we have to be careful. It may be great. It may be a key term right now. It may be hot right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to uphold the Integrity of your home and we all know that Natural Stone, granite and marble that stuff is very pricey. So why not just spend a couple of bucks instead of a couple of pennies to make sure that it is cleaned in a way that uphold the Integrity in the quality of the area. Tulsa House Cleaning So that’s simply put why we do not use vinegar in a home because we would rather just spend the extra dollars on quality supplies that we know we’re not going to ruin a natural stone or wood floor surface know if you are a homeowner and you want To use vinegar to clean a couple of Basics, make sure that whatever you’re spraying does not is not a natural stone surface also make sure that it’s not a porous surface, make sure that you are not spraying in an area that may be okay to use vinegar On but it could be floating over to a natural stone surface. You just have to be careful and exact. So, instead of spraying, maybe you should pour instead of spray just to make sure it doesn’t travel.

Also, you want to make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area only because vinegar stinks to high heaven and you just don’t want to smoke yourself out what the terrible smell so vinegar. It is good for cleaning, but it is bad for Natural Stone. The pH is acidic, and that is why you don’t want to or natural stone or anything for us, because if it’s porous it can actually break down that material. So if you are looking for a house cleaner, make sure that one of the questions you ask them is: what are you going to be using to clean my home and if they say vinegar, then you yourself need to be proactive and letting them know don’t use It in my kitchen, don’t use it on my counter tops if they are a natural stone surface or if they’re going to be cleaning in your bathroom, but we do not use vinegar, Tulsa House Cleaningsimply put cuz. We don’t want to accidentally ruin anybody, stop a better alternative would be hydrogen peroxide, which is safe to use on natural, sunlight, colored trailstone. You would need something else for a dark Natural Stone Soap. My name is Elizabeth. This is the end of this podcast. If you are in the Tulsa metro area and you’re, looking for a house cleaner, give us a call at 918-408-8900 we’re going to give you a free one hour of cleaning any area, any room, no obligation to purchase anything later. We just want to interview to be your house cleaner. You can find us on the web at www.net, Combs tulsa.com. We are also on Facebook and Instagram or handles are not comes Tulsa until next time, hired nook and cranny and say hello to life.