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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist, take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle. Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast, we are the go-to house cleaning company in the Tulsa metro area. Welcome back. We are so excited that you’re joining us for another, engaging episode of all things: how to clean, why to clean and what you could be doing. Instead of cleaning, think of that one thing off the top of your mind right now that you know you would rather be doing instead of cleaning, and that is why we are here. That is why you should give nook and cranny home keeping a call. Our phone number is 918-408-8900 on the world wide web at www.nook.com. You can also find it on Facebook. Handle is not come salsa and if you’ve got our Instagram page, you can see a dozens. If not a couple hundred before and after pictures of our crazy amazing jaw-dropping before and after pictures handle, isn’t it comes to Elsa? Tulsa House Cleaning So let’s talk about our foundation, clean checklist. Why is that so important, and why does it set us apart from other house cleaning companies in Tulsa? If you go to our website www.net homes, Tulsa you go to the services or 2D Foundation page. You are going to find a very thorough, very beautiful list, and we call this our foundation clean, every single job that we do starts with a foundation clean and the reason why we have made this left in the reason why we make it so uniform and for All of our clients, it’s because cleaning is a very, very relative industry, light cleaning, deep cleaning. All of these mean different things to different people and two different cleaning companies. Tulsa House Cleaning So what we’ve done is we have taken the most basic and the most essential house cleaning items. We have compiled into a list and we find this list fits every client to 80. This is the minimum everybody needs done. We’Ve made it into a pretty little package and from this list a client can add on what we would consider a deep, clean project. So today we’re going to talk about that Foundation clean and how it can help you how it can serve you in your home. Even with just the foundation clean, our average service saves our clients 12 hours of the. Could you imagine cleaning for 12 hours? Do you know that way? Tulsa House Cleaning We can do that because we usually have two to three, maybe even for people on a job we’ve even had up to 6 ball on one job. It was a move-out cleaning, getting a beautiful home ready to go to market 6 people for 6 hours, 36 man hours of Time, Crazy know that was the foundation clean, plus some deep clean items, but the time saving power just in our foundation, clean checklist can literally Change your life, so let’s talk about this list. Let’S start in the room in the rooms that most people see first when they walk into a home. This is the living room, the dining room and the family room area. This is where you cuddle on the couch watching movies you play games on the coffee table.

Let’S talk about what we’re going to do in these rooms. We are going to dust, the ceilings in the ceiling corners and specifically, what that means is where the wall meets. The ceiling we’re going to dust all of those high places if you’ve got beams, recessed lighting the ceiling fan up on the wall. We have this amazing pole that extends out to 24 feet. So there is not a ceiling that we have not been able to dust. Yet it has gotten all obstacles is gotten the highest high ceilings that we’ve been presented with that the ceiling corners does the ceiling fans, then we’re going to move down we’re going to dust, light, fixtures, link, Shades and Furniture, so the end tables the little table behind Your couch, the entertainment center and no notice I’m reading this week clean top to bottom, and this is so that we don’t backtrack and also so that we don’t leave anything behind so we’re, starting in those ceiling, corners and they’re. Going down to the light fixtures. The Lampshades in the furniture next we’re going to go to the window seals next, we’re going to vacuum, Tulsa House Cleaning we’re going to we’re going to go underneath the furniture and the rugs as much as our vacuums will possibly allow, and we have these really fabulous vacuums where the Part of it comes off, it’s like the the suction part of the vacuum, which holds all the dirtiness. We can actually detached that and then we’ve got this beautiful long handle that can go way underneath the furniture and we utilize that to the best of our ability, because guess what the better we clean your home this time, the easier is next time. So no we’re not cleaning hard only just for our clients, but also for ourselves. We we go the max every single time and we’ve got the equipment to do it next door going to move into the kitchen. We’Re destined the feelings again we’re going to get all the way up there, the recessed lighting, we’re also where the ceiling meets the wall, the top of the cabinets. How do you have cabinets that do not go to the top of the ceiling? If you do, you need to get a step, stool or maybe have somebody hold your hand and climb up on that counter and just take a peek to the amount of the dust that has settled on the top of your cabinets. We have clients have horrible allergies and after we come in and we clean even just that one area of horrible dust allergies are 75 %, but other so much better. What is actually in that dust is for another episode, Tulsa House Cleaning but let’s get back to our foundation. Clean checklist, so we dusted the very top points of the wall in the ceiling we’re doing the top of the cabinets, then we’re going to go down to the countertops. Actually we’re going to we’re going to clean your cabinets, the exterior of your cabinets on an initial clean. We would actually wipe down the entire exterior of the cabinets on maintenance cleans. It would be a spot clean, but that first time we’re going to get in there and your are going to look hot smoking brand new cabinets going to the small appliances and a countertop. Tulsa House Cleaning So what we do is we put all of the small appliances out from the wall. We clean, the., Backsplash and then we’re going to get all those crimes that settled behind your appliances. Then we’re going to wipe off the small appliances and we’re just going to do everything out to the floor. We’Re just this is why we have fur babies, clients for babies that follows around in the kitchen, because at this point, we’re just wiping and it’s going on the floor and we’re going to get to that later.

But we’re going to get everything underneath the small appliances and find your small appliances Aries that you never never never see and your home is going to feel so clean because of these small little details that we do next we’re going to clean the outside of the Microwave and the in side of the microwave next we’re going to clean the stove exterior. So if you have a range you’re going to have grates on top you’re going to have a fit if it’s a gas range and if it’s an electric, it’s going to have the little silver trays underneath the coils. So we remove all of those we move. All of that, we let it soak in the sink, while renewing all these other fabulous things to your home, and then we get to those points, the silver trays, the the the top-of-the-range it’s going to be so beautiful and clean. We’Re going to remove the handles on the front of the stove at most people, don’t even know that they can remove those you just pop them right off and what’s underneath can suck you go look at some of our before and after pictures on Instagram, and it Comes Tulsa if you’ll take a peek at those. Tulsa House Cleaning You will also appreciate the after pictures of of what that looks like a brand new stove. So next we are going to go to the refrigerator exterior and then the dishwasher we’re going to wipe down the dishwasher and the trash exterior. We are going to clean the sink, the faucet and the train, and we have this really great little tool. I forget who makes it maybe Bethel, but it looks like a large electric toothbrush and you turn it on and it spins and it’s got a rotating head on top and it does such a great job at getting the hard water stains and the calcium and lime Buildup on faucet, and if you live in Oklahoma, you know about it, you struggle with it everyday. The struggle is real. It not that stuff out and it’s so fun to see the after and then we’re going to the floors again, including underneath the furniture and the rugs as much as we possibly can Okay. So, let’s move on to the bedroom and the office areas again, starting at the top we’re going to dust the ceiling, recessed lighting and ceiling fans, then we’re moving down to the light fixtures, the Lampshades in the furniture next we’re going to make the bed and that We may bed or we will change your Linens if you have removed your dirty Linens and you have clean Linens folded on top. That tells us that your sheets need to be changed. Otherwise, we’ll just make the bed as usual will make it real, pretty it’ll, be like slipping into a hotel bed, because I appreciate it made bed before you climb into bed. It’S pretty nice! So then, we’re going to vacuum and cleaning under the furniture and rugs as much as possible and then we’re going to mop bathrooms. We’Re going to start the topic in dust ceiling and we’re going to go. Move down to the horizontal surfaces. We’Re going to clean the tub in the shower stalls, we’re going to clean the toilet inside and out clean the mirrors in the vanity we’re going to spot clean, Tulsa House Cleaning the original full clean, the cabinet exteriors on the initial clean. After that, any maintenance cleans our spot clean and then we’re going to vacuum and we’re going to mop the floors and something that we do that we find makes a really big impact in the bathrooms. As we do not mop the floors around the we actually clean. Tulsa House Cleaning Those by hand – and we do that because the stuff can evade the vacuum cleaner and he do not want that happening in the shower or in the bathroom. So in that area we clean it by hand and we’ll even get the baseboards behind the toilet and the little hose noodle hose that comes out of your toilet into the wall. We will get that then we’re going to do all these little space is the entryway Astaire wall or stairway. Maybe a back exit, we’re going to start at the top or going to dust, the ceilings and the recessed lighting were going to move down to any furniture. The light fixtures and lamp shades in were also in major entry and exit points. We are going to clean the door knobs and then finally, we’re going to vacuum and work on them up, so that is our foundation clean checklist. This covers probably 98 % of homeowners. In the very minimum of what they need and the Glorious thing about this Foundation, clean checklist is, you are going to have such a broad, thorough cleaning that that those day today,

messes of say, dirty dishes in the sink, your homeless still feel clean, and that is The beautiful thing about our foundation, cleaning checklist – is it doesn’t matter if your monthly or your bi-weekly or your weekly, you are going to feel like your home, is clean until the next time we come, even if it gets messy and the really great thing about this Is if you have people over instead of making a mad crazy Dash to clean? Tulsa House Cleaning Maybe what your guest is going to see me and then you shut the dirty little secrets in a in a door. Far, maybe in the back to your house is you can do a quick pick up? You can, you know, get everybody in your house together and everybody choose an area and you do a quick pick up and guess what your house is going to be clean. That is a wonderful thing about our foundation, clean checklist, and I believe that it’s something that sticks cooking cleaning out from the other house, cleaners in Elsa, so that is today’s podcast, our foundation, clean checklist. My name is Elizabeth Walker, I’m the owner and operator of nook and cranny home, keeping where we like to say that do you means more time for you if you are in the Tulsa metro area, and you are looking for a house cleaner search, ass up on Google, we have 70, almost 70 reviews, 5 Star reviews from our clients. They love us and we love them. Our phone number is 918-408-8900, find us on the web at home, Tulsa to calm or also on Facebook, Nicole Tulsa, and we are on Instagram at home Tulsa. So I’m until next time, bye, bye,