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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle, welcome to the nook and cranny podcast owner and operator of living thing home, keeping bass out of Tulsa Oklahoma. We are the go-to house cleaners in the Tulsa metro area. You can find it on the web at www.nook.com. Give us a call at 918-408-8900, I’m so excited that you’re joining us today. We have a really exciting topic and it’s going to help a lot of people out. Our shows are about why we clean how to clean and what you could be doing instead of cleaning. So let’s Dive Right In today’s topic is air cleaning plants. Why do we need them? What are some air cleaning plants and how exactly do they clean the air and what do they take out of the air flip die radian. Let’S read a quote: this is from the national heart brain and lung Institute, Tulsa House Cleaning and I’m going to give a quick description on what happens when you breathe and how that actually matters. So I will start as your lungs expand. Air is sucked in through your nose and your mouth, that your travels down your wind pipe and into your lungs after passing, through your bronchial tubes, that you’re finally reaches and enters the alveoli through the very thin walls of the alveoli oxygen from the air passed to The surrounding capillaries, a red blood cell protein called hemoglobin, helps move oxygen from the air sacs to the blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide moves from the capillaries into the air sacs. The gas has traveled into the bloodstream from the right side of the heart. Through the pulmonary artery oxygen, rich blood from the lungs is carried through a network of capillaries to the pulmonary vein. This vein delivers oxygen, rich blood to the left side of the heart, the left side of the heart pumps, the blood to the rest of the body. They’Re the oxygen in the blood moves from blood vessels into surrounding tissue. So, there’s a quick description on what happens when we breathe, so it matters what we’re actually breathing in and did you know that you and hail 15000 quarts of air per day and that you spend 90 % of your day indoors of the average American? So we can imagine what we’re breathing inside 90 % of the time. Tulsa House Cleaning What is the makeup of what we’re actually breathing in we have talked about what is in dust and why Dost can be toxic, but I’ll go back over a few reasons. Why I talk dust? Can be toxic, so there’s a couple of obvious things that are in our dust: a dead skin cells from us from our animals, hair from us and from our animals from the outside.

But did you know also that there can be fire retardant radon and even lead in your dust, depending on how old your home is, depending on what type of furniture window dressings you have in your house? Think about everything that you have in your house has some type of protective coating or sealant on it even dry, loose drywall from a recently renovated home. All of these things can be floating and accumulating in the air, and then we breathe it, and this is why an air cleaning plant can be such a great resource. So after you have taken the measures to get rid of the Best Buy, Tulsa House Cleaning calling Nick and cranny home keeping for a house cleaning once your home is dust-free, then you want to start taking those measures to keep your air clean so that, even if it does get Dusty and between a routine house cleaning a plant is at least going to be taking all of the pollutants that are in side of that air and cleaning it for you in between clean and do think that do or do know that in between a clean ordering, The cleaning dust can get stirred up, especially an initial clean. We always let our clients know that there could be a resettling of dust, because it’s the first time the dust has been touched in a while and where the air circulating through the house, Tulsa House Cleaning it’s just natural. Specially there’s animals in the home that most of that dust is going to be removed. But there is going to be a small portion of it that just resettled and then, as we clean more routine and more routine and more frequently than in that desk, is under control and is no longer a problem. So if you’re experiencing headaches or dizziness, I irritation. Maybe acute asthma, nausea nose, irritation, throat, irritation, simple things like that, even a skin rash. That can be an indication that something in your home, something in your dust, is actually working against your body and it’s something that shouldn’t be inside of your body. So, knowing the symptoms, knowing what could be in your home, Tulsa House Cleaning let’s dive into these awesome plants that we have at our disposal that can help us out tremendously. I am pulling this list from a great website called greatist.com and it’s a really great website that accumulates the top of different categories, and this is pretty consistent to what I found throughout the internet. So number one is a garden mum. Isn’T this so appropriate right now? It’S fall everybody’s, putting garden mums outside while bring them inside, because when you bring them in the side, they are going to remove ammonia, Benzene, formaldehyde and exillion from your indoor air.

The second one is the spider plant. It removes formaldehyde and valine, then number three, the drug Kania – and this removes Benzene formaldehyde trick, North Eileen and exam lean, and then we’ve got number for the Fife, Ficus or weeping fig, and it removes Benzene formaldehyde glorify Melanie the number five, the peace lily. It’S such a beautiful plant. This removes ammonia Benzene formaldehyde trick. Tulsa House Cleaning Lo roll sign lean. I think I finally pronounce that right and then the number 6 plant is the Boston fern. It removes formaldehyde and xylene number 7. The snake plant it removed Benzene formaldehyde trick low Ross. I mean and xylene again and then number eight. The bamboo palm pollutants removed are Benzene, formaldehyde and trick lotro Cilan and number 9 the aloe vera plant, and it removes formaldehyde. An aloe vera plant has actually been proven to be the most efficient and removing formaldehyde, which is one of the most common pollutants in our home, because it is on everything that we used on most of our furniture, and I think that they just use it to Keep it in a certain condition that we like it, but we take into consideration, Tulsa House Cleaning will all of these chemicals may be doing from all of these different sources and we’re spending 90 % of our time indoors? Then we can see that there is a reason to not only hire a house cleaner to come in and do a complete dusting top to bottom of your home, but then take proactive steps to keep that dust under control by having us come back into a routine Cleaning and keeping that air clean in between cleanings a really great idea is to put a plant in each room so that each room has its own little air filtration system and never forget that. Sometimes it’s just great to open up your windows to smell the outdoors and let the outdoors – and we always think that the pollutants are outside because of cars.

But in reality, most of the pollutants are in side because we don’t have the air that is taking it away. We have an air circulation system that is keeping it rotating through and through and through, and that’s what we have to change the air filters, because the air filters catching catching some of this, but it’s definitely not doing ideally what we wanted to do, Tulsa House Cleaning but also most People are not very good at changing those air filters when they should at least every 3 months, sometimes more often, if you have pets, you need to be changing it more often, you don’t want to let that get too far behind. So if you are experiencing symptoms such as watery itchy eyes, itchy throat trouble breathing like such as acute asthma, skin irritations, it could be something in the air that is floating through. It could be in your dust so to clean, not dust to clean that air hire. Nothing creamy home keeping to come in and do a thorough house cleaning top to bottom dusting and then Supply your home with a really good variation of some of the plants that we mentioned. If you want to get ahold of nook and cranny, you can call us at 918-408-8900 we’re going to give you one free hour of cleaning any room in the area of your home, no obligation to buy. We want to interview to be your house cleaner. You can find us on the web at www.ulta.com, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram or handle is Nook home Tulsa. We have a great variety of before and after pictures and you can see our work so until next time she was nothing cranney, home, keeping and say hello to life.