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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle, welcome to the nook and cranny podcast mermaids out of Tulsa Oklahoma, and we are so glad that you are joining us today. We are Tulsa’s, go to house cleaning company today. Our topic is: are 100 % money back guarantee, and what does that mean for you, as a client of nook and cranny home, keeping our 100 % money back guarantee ties into our golden key guarantee in the golden key guarantee? Is your key to more time Freedom? It is life-changing our services are life-changing. Let me tell you why, because when we come in and cook and clean and clean your home, we’re going to elevate your home atmosphere, we’re going to exceed your expectations and we’re going to empower your time. That is what is so life-changing about what we do and if we don’t do those three things: those three details in your home. While we are cleaning your home, then your service is absolutely free. Tulsa House Cleaning If you’ve already paid us we’re going to refund you your money, no, what does this mean for you and why does that separate us from other house cleaning companies in Tulsa? Well, that’s good because we’re the only ones that do it, where the only locally owned cleaning company that that offers a 100 % money back guarantee that the only regulation or stipulation on this is that you must tell us within 24 hours. If you were not pleased with your clean but as the owner of the operator, I always follow up with our clients the same day of their cleaning to make sure that they are happy, so it never even gets to 24 hours. If you ever hire a house cleaner or a cleaning company – and you do not talk to them within 24 hours of your cleaning – choose a different home cleaning company, because they’re just hoping that it ended up right. They don’t want to follow up with you. They may not want to know what maybe they did wrong and some will assume that no communication means that they were happy with the job. So don’t we never ever ever want to assume that we always are proactive about making sure our clients. Time has been empowered. That we’ve elevated their home atmosphere and we have exceeded their expectations. The money is important because it’s what we pay our bills with, but I have a funny quote to share with you. It says in this is from an unknown, very wise person that once said there are some people so poor that all they have is money that speaks to somebody’s heart and what they value. But we all know that money is important.

It’S how we pay our bills. That’S how we feed our children and we know, and we value the exact same ideals. So we know that that money you’re paying for a cleaning service. It has to matter because it can be going into something else or it could be going into savings. Just like your time, you have more important things to do with your time and you have important things to do with your money as well, and we’re not going to waste your money and we’re going to empower your time. Isn’T that fantastic? So let me throw it! You a statistic – and this comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it says that most Americans – they spend 62 % of their income on three thing, and that is housing at the top just under ,000 and then transportation and then food and all the other. Little details in our life all fall down to the bottom into a little smaller categories and I’m sure that home cleaning house cleaning is down there, probably in one of those Tulsa House Cleaning other categories. But taking into account that quote that there are some people so poor that all they have is money. Tulsa House CleaningI have to say that our clients are the type of clients that value time and they value what they’re doing they. They may have the money to spend on a house cleaning company, but that’s because they value bigger, better things in their life than cleaning, and that is something that we cherish and we are glad that they have those values. So why do we offer a 100 % money back guarantee? Well, besides the most obvious that it puts us heads and tails above our competition, it boils down to trust and an experience, and we want to create a foundation of trust where you know that if you don’t get what you paid for your not going to pay For it, but also the experience, have you ever gone through a drive-thru and you ordered your food and they messed up, but they fixed it in such a way that you were glad it happened. That has happened to me twice and both times it probably cost us an extra 15-20 minutes of our time to wait around till it was fixed, but they fixed it so tremendously that it made that extra time worth it now.

Compare that to the time where you’ve gone through a drive-thru and you got your food and let’s say that you got home and it was messed up and they’re kind of like sorry, do you want to go back to that place and do you want to Patron A company that does not value your time because they’re, that’s not even what they’re thinking about they’re, not thinking that they put beans on your taco and you didn’t want beans on your taco cuz. You don’t eat beans, they’re, not thinking about the time that it’s going to take to go back and fix it or the fact that you’ve got for Hungry kids sitting at home waiting for the right type of pizza. They don’t care. So if you think about the way that it company not only, how do they want to deliver and what do they want to deliver? But how is a company prepared to fix a mistake when it comes to house cleaning? The industry-standard is, let us know what we missed or what we messed up and we’ll come back and we’ll fix it and I’m not going to lie. That’S how we started because we didn’t know any better. We thought that’s what everybody else does that’s what we’ll do, because you take on and let’s plays into so let me backtrack for a minute why we offer 100 % money back guarantee. Is that a sound Foundation of trust and then to create an experience that ensures that your time is valued and that your experience is exceptional? So, let’s talk about why other cleaning Tulsa House Cleaning companies don’t do this? There are not the only one in the world that offers 100 % money back guarantee, maybe not even in Tulsa that there are probably some, I think, there’s one national chain. That’S here in town Tulsa House Cleaning that offers a 100 % money back guarantee but locally owned, which you should always hire local. You are, you are starting from the ground up and that’s kind of the big thing right now: hire local, Tulsa House Cleaning so hire local other locally owned and operated cleaning companies, not house cleaners, cleaning company. We are the only 100 % money back guarantee. So why don’t the other ones offer this? Very simply. There is a huge risk that we take by offering a money-back guarantee a 100 % money back guarantee and that risk is taking on a client that may come up with a story and then want the service for free cuz. That happens in all Industries, but also you take on a risk Tulsa House Cleaning with your team members or your employees. You take on a risk that, if they’re not going to do their job optimally, so here’s what we’ve done.

We have Incorporated a 100 % money back guarantee that makes us proactive from the very beginning with Tulsa House Cleaning systems and checks that ensure that your home atmosphere is going to be elevated, that your time is going to be empowered and it we’re going to exceed your expectations, because We don’t want to give away free service, Tulsa House Cleaningjust like the fast food restaurant didn’t want to give away free food. What we want to do is create an experience for our clients. We want to share the goodness that we have to offer the time-saving power that we have to offer an exceptional service, but in experience it’s all about the experience and the trust, and that is why that one hundred percent money back guarantee is so important and why It sets us, apart from the competition. It’S why other house, cleaners in Tulsa other house cleaning companies, do not off the same guarantee. They fall back on the industry. Standard of will come back out and fix it, and hey it’s great that you want to fix your mistake, Tulsa House Cleaning but the idea is to have an experience. We want to make it worth that mistake just like when I, when our food was messed up. I was glad that they messed up because then we got we got not only our food, we got more food, we got dessert, I mean it was amazing and we want to apply the same principle to our service. So if you are in the Tulsa metro area, you are looking for a home cleaning company, a house cleaning company, then you need to give us a call, because if you call us we’re going to give you one free hour of house cleaning any room in the Area of your home there’s no obligation to buy this is our opportunity to come into your home and show you what we do and give you a peek into the process and just Tulsa House Cleaning interview to be your house cleaner. So our phone number is 918-408-8900. You can reach us through email, Eliza Eliza at Nicole’s tulsa.com. You can also find us on the web at Nokomis tulsa.com and check us out on Facebook and Instagram with the handle nut homes Tulsa until next time, higher nook and cranny home, keeping and say hello to life.