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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist, take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle, welcome to the nook and cranny podcast home, keeping based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. We are the go-to house cleaning company in the Tulsa metro area. You can find us on the web at www.com tulsa.com. You can give us a call at 918-408-8900 or shoot me. An e-mail Eliza, Eliza Aetna Combs that comes tulsa.com, so welcome back. We’Re excited that you’re joining us for another, engaging episode of all things: how to clean. Why clean and what you could be doing instead of cleaning. I bet you can think of something off the top of your mind right now that you would rather be doing instead of cleaning unless you’re one of those weird people like me, and you actually enjoy it. Tulsa House Cleaning It’S like pulling weeds you that you enjoy it kind of clears your mind, but today’s topic is another fascinating Foundation concept. It is the disclaimer. So what is the disclaimer? How does it? How does it different from our policies? What disclaimer is basically telling you what we’re going to touch and what we won’t touch and it give our client or our potential client the opportunity to tell us what not to touch and the reason why this is so important. It’S because we all know that there are things inside of a home that you would just rather not have touched so we’re going to it. We’Re going to look at this from two different angles were going to look at this from a client single we’re going to look at it from our angle and again, this comes down to really good communication. So the statistic that I shared on another episode was that all communication is 93 % nonverbal and 7 % verbal. So what that means is, if I tell you something or you tell me something chances are we’re going to forget just because we’re all busy and we do take notes, but the more layers of people there are in a situation, the more opportunities for miscommunication happen. So we write everything down and we put everything out there from the very beginning. Tulsa House Cleaning Our disclaimer is the same as our policies. In this respect, it’s just a way to start off the relationship on a good ground and 2 in to ensure in the future. Anything that may came up may come up, there’s already going to be an expectation of how it’s taken care of that way. There’S no surprises, so I’m going to repeat a quote that I shared last time: it’s by George Bernard Shaw. He says the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place one more time. The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

Sometimes this in this happens to everybody, we’re all human. You think that you said something, but you did not so we’re going to put it on paper, we’re going to make sure you’re on the same page as me, I’m on the same page as you. So we’re just going to quickly we’re going to go through the nook and cranny home keeping disclaimer. This is what all of our clients have to sign off of sign off on before will come in and clean a home same thing with our policies. We will all of these written down expectations met. Expectations talked about before we even come clean. It just makes the process so much easier, so much simpler. So if you’re, if you’re in the Tulsa area, Bixby Glenpool Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, verdigre, Owasso, even all the way up to Turley, maybe Sky, to Collinsville Sperry, we go all around Sapulpa, even a keeper. You need somebody to clean your home and you, Google, Tulsa house, cleaning, house, cleaning, Tulsa you’re, going to get a lot of companies come up and what I want you to take into consideration. Tulsa House Cleaning You’Re, looking for a company is look for a company interview, a company put it on your check list that whoever you hire is going to have clear communication, because it’s going to make the whole process simpler, and you know that they’re going to respect you and your Home better, if they have this stuff written down because they care about the relationship. So I’m just going to read straight from our disclaimer. It says, as a professional House, Cleaning company, nook and cranny home, keeping realizes that there may be items in your home that are damaged or in need of repair, scuffed up rotting, faded, discolored, cracked, stained or worn. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to bring these items to our attention before cleaning services can be performed so that damage can be prevented. Due to the condition of these items, we may not be able to restore them to their original condition, or we may not touch them at all. Therefore, nook and cranny home keeping accepts no liability for the cleaning of these items. Tulsa House Cleaning We will bring them to your attention if they are not listed below Nook and kranny home keeping will not be home by about 4 items that fall off of the walls that have not been properly secured. We do not dust wall, hangings or TVs unless specifically requested by a homeowner. Please list any Collectibles are valuable Furnishings that you may not want cleaned when we service your home. Please remove these items or furnish us with a detailed list so that they are not touched during your cleaning service and last but not least, Integrity of the protective sealant of floors, Natural Stone Surfaces and other services are the responsibilities of the homeowner. It could compromise surface. Could be damaged by cleaning agents and moisture nook and cranny will not be held liable for Damage Done to surfaces, not properly sealed, and then there is a hole.

There are two columns, there’s the item in the location and then a second column, the condition where the homeowner has the opportunity to list item that they don’t want us to touch either because it’s a valuable like deer heads hanging on the wall or maybe it’s damaged And we shouldn’t touch it so we’ve had that happen with light fixtures that were slightly loose or not properly secured. The second a duster touches them. If we touch it just the right way, they can come falling down, they can shatter, they can break something else. They can hurt us, they can maybe car fingers or you know whatever is in the way. So this is the opportunity for us to chat about what can be cleaned in the home because believe it or not, sometimes we’ll go into a home. Let’S just take a stainless steel refrigerator, for instance, especially one that has children in the home. That’S me, Tulsa House Cleaning I’ve got 4 kids and we have a stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher, and the dishwasher looks like it has a coating of frosting on it. You know the frosting you can buy at home, Hobby Lobby spray it on and it makes your glass look frosted. That’S kind of what our dishwasher looks like half the time, because our kids are just throw it right at that age, where they’re either tall enough that they use it to climb, or they are right eyeball with it so their hand prints are on it all the Time so, let’s say that I don’t know my. I don’t know me and I go in that home and I clean that home and once I get all of that that surface layer of food and who knows what else with kids dirt clay Play-Doh who knows slime? That’S a big thing in our house right now slime I clean that and then there are scratches underneath there or there could be Scott’s, which I know there are because because that’s the way that it is with little kids – maybe you didn’t see it before we were There, so this is an opportunity for us to talk about why that can happen and just know that there’s no there’s no misunderstandings on what can happen. Let’S talk about steal it that is so important. Cuz we use method on wood floors or, if they’re brand new wood floors will just use a slightly damp mop head, but we use on wood floors is a minimum or stir, and that’s because wood floors can become warped. They don’t use vinegar on wood floors. That’S for another podcast, but let’s say that the Steelers say that it’s a hundred-year-old home and you can’t remember the last time that it was sealed. Well, we could if we are mopping every week or every other week, it could take off that varnish. But here’s why we can’t be held liable for that, Tulsa House Cleaning because we can’t seal the floors, that’s not on our that’s above our pay grade. Tulsa House Cleaning So if we, if there is not a protectant on that floor, that can happen it, especially when you, if you’re on a more or a higher rotation or more frequent rotation. Now we can’t really tell if a seal it is properly there or not, but that is up to the homeowner and we we like to have an open communication with the homeowner. Isn’T it wonderful when you work with a mechanic or some somebody in another type industry that can share share these little secrets with you share these little insight that make you just more of the the relationship more transparent is the word that I’m looking for its us Working together to make sure that your home is operating at it’s at its most optimal, you want your home to be your Castle.

You want to be your place of peace, and we want to have a hand in that another another surface that needs to. You need to make sure that it’s, the old is Natural Stone, so we use ph-neutral products unless, like there’s a dollar or something that really needs something extra heavy duty or hard water stains. But we always use pH neutral and showers. And we do that because there is no guarantee that the sealant on your marble or Granite is is up to date so and then again, there’s no way for us to tell that. But it is nice for the homeowner to know. Okay, I have not sealed migraine or my marble in about a year and I think that’s the standard is a yearly. Have it sealed yearly, Tulsa House Cleaning we can at least bring it to their attention and that’s what we love to do. We love to be a again a part of your home in your castle and your place of Peace. Tulsa House Cleaning So that concludes this episode of the nook and cranny podcast Tulsa Oklahoma go to residential, cleaner. We are running a crazy awesome special right now it is a try-before-you-buy Tulsa’s. Only try-before-you-buy cleaning company give us a call 918-408-8900 we’re going to come out and we are going to clean 1 hour for 1 hour and any room in any area of your home. Of your choice, you picked that spot that you hate, you put you in a bad mood, give us a call and we’re going to take care of it, for you there’s no obligation to buy afterwards. We just want to show you what we do and we’re going to interview to be your house. Cleaner, we’re also pulse, is only 100 % money back guarantee housecleaner. You give us a 24-hour notice that you are not happy with the job that we did not exceed your expectations and you’re, not paying for the I’m Elizabeth owner and operator of nook and cranny home. Keeping I’m glad you spent this time with us, see you next time.