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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast, where we talked about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist, take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle. Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast go to house cleaning company. Thank you for being here today, we’re excited that you’re joining us or once again for another engaging episode of all things, how to clean, why to clean and what you could be doing instead of cleaning, which I do believe, is the most important reason while we’re here. Today’S topic is Haim, specifically, Tulsa house Cleaning our services in this is based on feedback from our client. The average service saves our clients 12 hours of their own time. Let’S just think about that. For a second, let it soak in 12 hours. Have you ever thought about or taken the moment, to calculate how much time you spend cleaning still think about this? For a second, we will take account of the calories that we eat. Maybe the time we waste watching TV do we ever ever ever take into account how much time is it taking me to clean or, more importantly, how much actual good, authentic connection time lifetime, Mi utilizing between work and school and sports and clubs and hobbies, and all The things that we have going on, how much of that do you actually want to do? Have you ever thought about that? How much of what I do with my time, because time is limited, you have 24 hours in a day. How much of that do? Tulsa house Cleaning | No One Compares I really how much of that am. I spending doing something that I really want to do what you have to work if to earn money, are you doing something you love you have to eat, so are you eating something that you should? Are you eating something that adds life to your body or takes away life from your body, so just think about that for a second 12 hours of your own time? What could you do with that time? Could you actually have a hobby? Maybe you don’t have a hobby, because you don’t have the time. Maybe you could take on a hobby. Maybe you could actually sit and relax and enjoy the people. You love at night if you have a little bit extra time in your schedule. So this is just marry me on that, for a second or the Bible would say, say, law say a lot 12 hours of time precious. What would that look like over a lifetime? While there is a statistic on infographic, journal.com, specific to house cleaning, it’s called house cleaning by the numbers and I’m going to read off several statistics. But I think I will start with a very, very, very big number to a lot of these. Statistics are broken up between male and female, so don’t take offense if menu feel like I’m picking on you cuz, I’m not.

This isn’t fixed and we know this is all. Statistics are true, Tulsa house Cleaning | No One Compares and this says that 12896 hours are the hours at a woman spins in her lifetime cleaning and that averages out to four hours a week. Cleaning a man will spend 6448 hours on average in his lifetime. That comes out to two hours a week. Cleaning, how does that compare to actually hiring a house cleaning company? Well think about this? For a second, you know you’re home, so there are aspects where you can move through an area quicker, but we are professionals and we love what we do and we are going to Max it out to the 9th. So we have the right tools, the right Solutions and the right systems and checklist to get through an area efficiently. What even, though a home may take you and we’ve had clients, Tulsa house Cleaning call and say: it’ll only take this long. Well, that is according to what you are doing to whatever area it may be. Our cleaning checklist is usually a lot more expensive than what a homeowner what do in their own home, because they have this idea of I can get by without cleaning this area or that area, and specifically, I believe it’s just take this as an example. Tulsa house Cleaning The stove in the kitchen did you know you could take the handles off of your stove. If you didn’t know that then know that you can and know that when you do prepare to be disgusted, because it is one of my favorite before and after pictures to take in a client’s home and that’s because most people they don’t even realize they can take Those off so they never do they make clean or they they think that they’re cleaning, but they are not really cleaning. They are not getting into those little nooks and crannies hehehe. So that is what we do. So what may take you an hour doing just a week ago in and we could actually save you – maybe 3 hours of your own time, but doing a BNC. So I gave you the homeowner are Foundation clean checklist. I guarantee you that it would take you at least 3 hours to do what we do so we’re not only saving you your own time by taking your place, we’re actually saving you Time by doing a more thorough job, then what the actual homeowner would do and That is only because a they don’t know that they can do certain things like take off the handles on the stove. You can also actually open up that front. Stove door. All you have to do is take a couple of screws out and then the front comes off and you can clean that glass, so it either come from not knowing you can do it or just settling for the bare minimum.

There are a few very special people in this world and I know a couple of them whose homes are always Immaculate, and that is because they love cleaning. There is something so satisfying about cleaning to them, but the majority of the population is not that way. We just try to get through and do the bare minimum of what we need to do, which is why it’s so fantastic that you even have the option to hire house cleaner. So how do we calculate that 12 hours? Well, generally, what happens is there? Is a team at a client’s home cleaning and what happens is they may be there 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours? Tulsa house CleaningIt depends on the size of the team in the amount of time that they’re there. So let me give you a few examples. The 12 hours of save time comes from the initial cleaning of a home, so on average I would say the lowest end is about 9 hours in the high end, it can be about 15 and it’s gone as high as thirty-six hours. We had one clean specifically, this was a one-time, it was a move-out clean and I had all hands on deck on Tekken 6 people 16 members cleaning. They knocked it out in 6 hours. If it could be cleaned in this home, it was cleaned. So this is how I get 12 hours of time so for that specific job that was 36 man hours. Tulsa house Cleaning Just imagine if that homeowner had tried to do that herself, it would have taken her longer than 36 hours. I guarantee it because all of the actual list that we work off of it’s more detailed plus one person think about this one person doing that there is no way you would get sick of it and throw it in the town. You probably would end up calling somebody, but also it’s, because we were able to do such a large team. That is why that job was knocked out in one day. Instead of it being a two or three-day project, it was done that day being bang boom. It’S done it’s on the market; hopefully it sold.

I don’t know if it’s sold, but it was beautiful and gorgeous Lee immaculate. So I have a quick challenge for you. That is just take quick note of how much time you are spending a week. Cleaning. Also note: what do you clean the most? What is giving you the biggest, not headache, but a burden on your back or is the Bible would say yoke around your neck? What in her house is putting a yoke around your neck? It could be stealing joy that you don’t even know you could be going to bed and it could be taking a while to go to sleep. Maybe you don’t realize why has anyone ever noticed how much better you sleep in a clean home as opposed to a dirty home, and there are actual scientific statistics that show that people sleep better in clean sheets? For a reason? It’S because we are, we are built beautifully in organized and I believe that our minds require organization and cleanliness outside of the body, just as we are built inside of the body, Tulsa house Cleaning and we create that, whether we know it or not so take inventory of your time. What are you spending the most time cleaning? What would you rather not be cleaning, and then this is your opportunity to take advantage of Tulsa’s only try-before-you-buy house cleaning company – and I am keeping will come out to your home and for an hour we will clean any room or any area free of charge and No obligation to buy afterwards no obligation to sign up for anything we just want to come. We want to show you what we do. Tulsa house Cleaning | No One Compares We want to interview to be your house. Cleaner are phone number is 918-408-8900. You can reach us on the web at www., Nook homes, Tulsa. We are also on Facebook and we are on Instagram. Both handles are not come to Tulsa and if you will take a couple minutes to stroll through our Instagram, you will see some amazing jaw-dropping mind-blowing before and afters that will be get you so excited you’re, going to pick up your phone and you were going to Not be able to wait to get a hold of us, you are just going to be so antsy and impatient for us to get to that home. Do our walk-through and start you in the process of saving you 12 hours of your own time until next time, higher nook and cranny home, keeping and say hello to life?