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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast, where we talked about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist, take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle. Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast bait out of Tulsa Oklahoma. We are the go-to house cleaning company in the Tulsa metro area. Tulsa House Cleaning I will come you back, we’re so excited that you’re joining us for another, engaging episode of all things, how to clean white to clean and what you could be doing instead of cleaning. Today’S topic is a brand new facet to our business. It is our subscription or membership program. This is unique. This is takes RR Services to a whole new level. Nobody in Tulsa is offering such a thing, and let me tell you why it’s exciting and why it’s so important, because cleaning services can change people’s lives, but something even more simple, such as our subscription or membership packages, is so easy and so simple. So one of my favorite quotes is that Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and that is applied to this through and through. Tulsa House Cleaning So I’m going to throw to Doctor Seuss quotes out to you, and these are a couple of my favorite. We read a lot of dr. Seuss in our house. The first one is sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory, not beautiful. I love that nothing like a little dr. Seuss to make you see the value in life and how did it get late so soon, it’s night before it’s afternoon December is here before it’s June, my goodness, how the time has flown. How did it get late so soon?

So, typically, when you hire a house cleaning service, you are going to get a whole house quote which we still do, but you are going to get a quote for your entire house unless you’re on some type of customized program. So, what’s keeping you can do a whole house clean or you can be part of the membership program and what it does is it can cut your cost in half. So let’s talk about that weekly cleaning at so the way that that price structures work is usually the less were there, the higher each service. So a monthly is going to be more expensive than say, 1 biweekly. Let’S say a biweekly might cost eat clean. Then a monthly would cost probably 175, but that bi-weekly you have to that’s /, cleanouts, 135 / clean so that clean can cost you a month as opposed to just the once a month. So let’s apply that to a weekly. If we came and weekly, let’s see a weekly clean is a biweekly is, and this is for clean and then a monthly is 170/100. That is the beauty of this membership program. Is that by uniform? By making the service uniform, we are opening up the possibilities. Tulsa House Cleaning It is so much more affordable so that let’s say it’s a weekly that can cost you a month for the weekly, that’s the whole house or if you get on our weekly membership program, that’s only for the entire month, not for clean and here’s the beauty about It so when you sign up for a membership program, if you are on our monthly membership or you are on our twice a month, membership and you got to pick which two dwelling spaces were cleaning. They have to stay the same. But if you get on our weekly program here is the biggest perk is that those dwelling spaces can rotate so where their weekly and will you can change from living room and master one week to office and playroom the next week and then maybe the next week. We’Re back in the living room in the master bedroom. That is the biggest perk of the I’m sorry. The weekly membership is that you get to rotate your rooms. You may also add deep, clean projects, and you may also add extra rooms on to the membership program, and it can be a one-time deal.

It can be once a month do whatever you want to do to attach any extra services on to the membership. So, even though it’s Broad and it’s uniform, it can still be made unique to your home and your family. It’S just made uniform and more cohesive and consistent that way, we can bring the prices down and we can offer it to more people and also works different than a whole house clean and that we charge for our monthly membership it’s charged at the beginning of the Month as opposed to a whole house clean, which we only charge when we actually do the clean the real quickly, I’m going to go back over the membership details. And then I’m going to leave you with one of those Doctor Seuss quotes against because they are that good. Tulsa House Cleaning So our membership program consists of three tier 3 different packages. They all three are based on the foundation clean checklist which you can find on our website at new homes Tulsa.. They are also all based off of the living room to dwelling spaces, which includes the living room and office, a den, a playroom or maybe at a recreation room and one-and-a-half baths, the monthly or once a month. Membership is only the twice a month. Membership is only and the weekly membership is so the major difference between the weekly membership and the buy or the twice a month and then once a month. Membership. Is that what the once a month and with the twice-a-month membership, you cannot rotate the dwelling spaces in your home as opposed to the weekly membership? You can, you can rotate.

You do not have to stick with the same two spaces because we’re there more often we can keep up with that clean and we can keep costs under control and that’s just a little perk that we like to throw in there for our weekly members. So here is the wise philosopher, dr. Seuss, one more time for you: how did it get late so soon, it’s night before it’s afternoon December is here before it’s June, my goodness, how the time has flown. How did it get late so soon? Is it for on dr. Seuss, here’s another good one for you cuz. This is the end in this is where we must part. He says, don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened. This is Elizabeth Walker, owner operator, with nook and cranny home keeping. Tulsa House Cleaning We are Tulsa’s only try before you buy a house cleaning company with a free one-hour, any room in the area cleaning. You can claim that today by calling us at 918-408-8900, you can email us at Eliza at Nokomis. You can also find it on the web. Combs tulsa.com and on Facebook or handle is not comes. Tulsa and Instagram is home Tulsa until now time, hired nook and cranny home, keeping and say hello to life