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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle, welcome to the nook and cranny podcast hello, or an oak, hey y’all, I’m Elizabeth owner and operator of nook and cranny home keeping based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. We are the go-to house cleaners in the Tulsa metro area, welcome back to another, exciting podcast, where we talk about why to clean, how to clean and what you could be doing instead of cleaning. Today’S topic is when to call a house cleaner. When is the right time to call a house cleaner, there is a threshold where a home goes from being messy to being dirty. What is that point, Tulsa House Cleaning and when do you decide? It is worth Outsourcing that job Outsourcing that position? So if your home is in a disarray, the most common problem or story is that the dust bunnies have killed the cleaning fairy you once how to clean and very and everything got done, and it was beautiful and then one day the dust bunnies came along just Kind of took control and wrecked havoc in your home, so we all need some help sometime and let’s talk about. When is the time to seek that help the threshold between messy and dirty is there’s a good indicator. If you have somebody coming over in a couple of hours, are you going to spend those two hours picking up a mess or you going to spend those couple of hours? Cleaning and what’s the difference mess is something such as a pile of dirty clothes. On the floor, shoes strong about toys, strong about a pile of mail on the countertop dirty dishes in the sink, an unmade bed, those are quote on quote messes and actual clean – Tulsa House Cleaning would be breaking out any type of tools other than a rag and a multi-purpose. So if you need to break out the toilet bowl scrubber or if you need to break out a shower scrubber or some type of grout tool, if you need to break out the mop, these are good indicators that you need an actual cleaning. Now here is a statistic from infographic specific to house cleaning Industries called house cleaning by the numbers, and they state that 51 % of women clean dainty daily, as opposed to only 20 % of men clean daily know those women who are cleaning daily. They are spending 2.6 hours a day. Cleaning and the men that are cleaning daily are spending two hours a day, cleaning so coming from a home with four children with two teeny tiny, the three and four year old and then two older ones who can actually help out.

I would say that that is pretty pretty darn close. That is probably the minimum that we spend in our house on a daily basis, and it’s probably pretty average from home to home. Cleaning takes up a significant part of our lives and while it is good to clean up after ourselves, isn’t that one of the things we teach our children we do, and we will. We do have to be okay with saying it’s okay to Outsource, something we will Outsource plumbing and electrical work for obvious reasons, because we’re not trained and electrical wiring. But we forget that cleaning can actually be a craft it can. It can be a talent, and that is where a professional house cleaner can come in, because what we do is we have systems and we have text and we have amazing tools in the proper supplies that can make what may take a homeowner 3 hours to clean. Will take us only an hour to clean and that’s just for one person that doesn’t include a if Nick and cranny seen send the team out to your home. If 3 people, then the the time power in that is, is I can get immeasurable? Tulsa House Cleaning they can get a Min and very valuable to you as homeowner. So let’s stick in some more statistics here and get a better picture of what cleaning looks like in the average American home. 87 % of women feel that a clean home is a direct reflection of themselves that that is so true in my life, and I know that are home, operate, smoother are more graceful and more kind when home is in order when it is and when things are In their place in the house is clean, the air feels like there’s less to do on that plate, but before I own a cleaning company hiring, somebody was not a luxury that I even let enter my mind, and I do wish that I had made that open To myself, a lot of people think that hiring a house cleaner is a luxury, but it’s really not. If you take inventory of what we spend our discretionary money on, for instance, with nook and cranny home keeping, you can get a membership for as low as a month. That is a service for us to come in. I’M going to clean your kitchen one and a half bags into dwelling spaces on a month.

That’S a clean part that way, those in between times you’re just managing mess. Is your not picking up the nitty-gritty disgusting stuff? That’S what we do on a monthly basis. So having a house cleaner is not a luxury, but your time is how valuable your time is. A couple more statistics: 95 % of women, feel better when they’re home is clean, 87 % of women care that their homes appear clean to visitors notice. That said, it up here clean, essentially clean butt up here, clean. Why? I think that the earlier statistic of 54 % of Americans – not that one 87 % of women feel that a clean home is a reflection of themselves. That is why 87 % of women care that their homes appear clean to visitors, Tulsa House Cleaning because we feel that it’s a direct reflection of ourselves. Of course, we want it to look put-together for others and it’s kind of funny, because in the mom world, when, when we’re busy with little I have, I have had one very down-to-earth funny woman who I would love to spend time with, told me one time that She would not clean for me – and I just right off the cuff, maybe you’re, thinking of some kind of rude how unwelcoming, but she was just being real. She has five children and her house is a mess, and she knows for a fact that she would stress herself out before a guest comes over and she’s going to be herself and they’re going to be real and I’m going to come over. And I’m going to feel like I’m at home, because she’s being herself so our homes in the atmosphere that we operate in on a day-to-day basis and we filled the direct reflection of ourselves. We do want it to appear clean to others because it matters to us. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with chores, if you feel that the laundry is never ending, Tulsa House Cleaning if you feel like you cannot get the hard water stains under control, if you feel like you can’t quite get that pee smell out of the bathroom, you know what I’m talking about. If you have little boys, if you feel like you, can’t get the dust under control the dog hair under control, that is the time to call a house cleaner.

That is a great time to sit back and be okay with not being able to do it all. But know that you can do it all by Outsourcing the job and all companies do that every company can Outsource something some job, some roll and you exactly what you’re doing you are just deciding to Outsource some responsibility so that your time, your energy and your focus Can be better spent on? Tulsa House Cleaning Maybe it’s tutoring, your kids are helping with school. Maybe it is crafting or sewing. Maybe it’s yourself. Maybe you want to read more often if housecleaning is not something that you adore and you wake up thinking about, but it is taking away from what you love to do or those that you love and spending time with them. Then it is time to call a house cleaner and right now we have this amazing promotion where you can claim one free hour of cleaning. We are Tulsa’s. Only try-before-you-buy house cleaning service give us a call at 918-408-8900. We will come out and clean for one hour. Tulsa House Cleaning Any room in the area no obligation to buy. We just want to interview to be your house cleaner, so that number again is 918-408-8900. You can find us on the internet at www.homes.com. We are also on Facebook and Instagram with the handle nut homes. Tulsa, look over our Instagram and see some draw dropping exciting before and afters of what we do and, in the meantime, higher nothing craney and say hello to life.