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Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle, welcome to the nook and cranny podcast blue or dokie, hey y’all, I’m Elizabeth owner and operator of nook and cranny home keeping Lee go to house cleaning company in the Tulsa metro area. Welcome back work cited you’re joining us for another, engaging episode of all things: how to clean white to clean and what you could be doing instead of cleaning. Today’S topping is fantastic, because it’s really it’s about us, it’s about nook and cranny, and it’s about you and what you can expect from us. When you hire us know. Tulsa House Cleaning I did another episode where you can expect what to look for in expectations. You should have when hiring another or any house cleaner company, and I’ve also done podcasts on why we are different. I will add in a little sprinkles from those two episodes, but I really want you to know what you can expect from us when you hire us to clean your home. So let’s get started this time right in. Let me start off with what actual clients have shared with us, and this is going to be slow, your mind and actual service. You have us come in you hired as we have cleaned the average service saves our clients 12 hours of their own time. Let’S put that into a big picture, this de tistic that I’m about to share comes from infographic journal.com in this is called housecleaning by the numbers, and it says that the average family that hires a cleaning company is going to save 730 hours or 30 days. In a calendar year, but that’s the time that they have saved think about how busy our lives are right. Now, sports clubs, School crazy work schedule, just everything pulling us Every Witch Way. It just makes sense to hire a house cleaning company to come in and do your bidding. Doesn’T it just doesn’t it seem like especially right now, it’s fall that the leaves are turning. The pumpkin patches are out there. So many better things to do. Instead of cleaning not that, we don’t think that you should be good example of good stewardship in your home to your kids, but there’s other things you could be doing to spend your time cleaning. So after you made the very wise decision to hire a house cleaner. Next, you’re probably going to be like most people in your going to hop on Google and you’re, going to Google and house cleaning Tulsa and what’s going to come up dozens, if not maybe a couple of hundreds of cleaning companies, you have the pic all you have To do is learn how to vet through those, and I did a whole podcast on that. But let me just recap: real quick go to rating top rated in what you want to do. Is you want to that these cleaning companies by what their previous and current clients say about them, and I’m going to share you a few reviews from some of our clients? Tulsa House Cleaning so what you want to do go go, find those reviews see what people say about them. Currently, and after you read some reviews, you know that they are legit, then what you want to do is start calling, and one of the first questions you want to ask is: are you bonded and insured and we did a podcast on security in your home and This is why it’s so important they have to be bonded and insured mixer. They background check their people. If you are hiring a single house cleaner, Joe Schmo, or she shall see what you see Sally than what you need to do, is you need to ask them? If you can back background check, then if they say no show him the door do not hire them. Don’T even let them in your house don’t look on Craigslist for a house cleaner, search, Tulsa House Cleaning legit like search engines, not only Google but Angie’s List Home Advisor that are great places to find great cleaning companies in I find, and I think the majority of people find Google To be the easiest, so let’s read some of our ratings.

Some of our reviews, I’m sorry on Google and I have to say that we are the only house cleaning company in Tulsa, the only house, cleaners that have what we have. The most reviews were pushing 70 but they’re all five star, our next competition has 53 and their ratings like a 4.8 and then the one below them has 42 and I believe, they’re rating as a 4.7. So we are currently we have the most reviews and the most 5-star review it and we are dedicated passionately to keeping that train going. So I’m going to read a few, this is from Miss Leslie and she says nickel craney did an amazing job on our home. We are new, empty nesters and asked about a monthly versus a bi-monthly. After looking through our home bi-weekly, they recommended monthly. I was so impressed with their honesty after the first cleaning they sent us before and after pictures. I always thought my house was pretty well-kept until they sent those pictures so glad we found them, give them a call for an estimate, and you can’t lose that is such a fantastic, it’s kind of hard to pick which review do I read because also amazing and Warm my heart that people have such a wonderful, positive things to say about this little company that I am building. Okay, this one is from is Katie. She says Liz, that’s me is so professional and thorough. We met at a networking event and quickly hit it off the way she described how her service will not only free me of doing chores that I dislike doing. They want, more importantly, free up time for myself and time to play with and enjoy my babies. I am looking forward to using her for years to come now. Let’S look at one more here we go. Tulsa House Cleaning This is from Miss Korea. She actually worked for us. She says I worked at nothing crazy for a few months during the summer before my sophomore year of college, I was always treated with respect and it was a great job to gain experience. Elizabeth, my former boss, is really committed to helping families at a fair price. In with great service, we were there not just to clean someone’s home, but you helped make their day better. I highly recommend looking craney to anyone looking to have their home cleaned thoroughly efficiently and with the utmost care – and I have talked about this in the past, but who we hire. Why we hired Miss Korea is in New York. Now she is got some big huge plans and I was so blessed to be able to have her for that summer that she was with us. So now that you write a review, you cannot wait to get your your telephone and dial 918-408-8900 to get me on the phone to book a walkthrough. So at this point I’m going to schedule a walkthrough with you, I’m going to come to your home. Tulsa House Cleaning It takes 10 to 15 minutes and we just walk through. I look at the current condition of your home. I look at the size of your home. I look at what rooms you need clean you’re, going to share with me what you need from us. So at that point I’m going to going to present you with our foundation clean checklist. Every single job starts with the found, a checklist, no, if ands or buts. By making this uniform, I have boiled down what 98 % of homeowners are looking for in a job and by making it uniform and efficient. I can present you with a better price, so we’re going to go over that Foundation clean checklist. If there is something on there that you need to add to it fabulous, it is always. It is always an opportunity to serve you, the most so you’re going to share with me a little while I need this added to the foundation clean checklist, which is usually a deep clean project like Windows or baseboards, or maybe you need your just vacuum because you’ve Got five fur babies that just cover it up in here in between cleanings? Tulsa House Cleaning You know who knows every home is different, so the foundation clean is a really great blanket for every single home. In front of that, we can add on any extras that you need so once you and I have a good understanding of what to expect cleaning wise next we’re going to move on to how this relationship works as a business relationship. I am going to present you with our policies, are disclaimer and key release waiver. What this does is, it covers any surprises at make him up, because surprises will come up, but here’s a beautiful thing by doing this, there are minimal surprises, and all this is life and stuff can happen, but our policies that are disclaimer are a presentation of instances In situations that we have had come up in the past, and we realize that it is a better to talk about and be on the same page, whether it is how you pay when you pay, we do with pets or don’t do it.

Pets, different antique store articles that you don’t want us to touch all of these little details to be presented from the very beginning, so there are no awkward situations I have to take place later. There is a policy on if we break something so that if we do break something, it’s not an awkward conversation afterwards, you’re going to know exactly what to expect from us in that situation. So we’ve gone over the foundation clean checklist. You’Ve looked at our policies are disclaimer in our key release waiver. Next, I’m going to give you a quote and there’s going to be two different quote: there’s going to be a whole house quote and then there’s going to be a membership quote, and the whole house quote is the whole house is exactly what it means. The whole house that is different from house to house, because a 3000 square foot home can be ten times easier to clean than a 1500 square foot home, depending on the current condition. The amount of items that are home has in side of it. Tulsa House Cleaning So I give you a quote, but I am also going to present you with our membership program, which is fabulous and fun and nobody else has in Tulsa. So if you need help cleaning – and you are looking for something a little quicker – maybe a little cheaper – our membership is the way to go and for a whole month, 169 for to cleanings a month and get this for eight weekly, clean, crazy. That is so awesome and the way that that works is that covers your kitchen that covers the one and a half bath and it covers to dwelling spaces and when I say dwelling space, I’m talking about your living room, a bedroom a day and a playroom in Office exedra, so the whole house is the whole house. The membership is a set set rooms. Tulsa House Cleaning So if you do choose the membership program – and you are the Super Wise person that chooses the weekly, then your dwelling spaces can actually rotate. We don’t have to clean the same ones every single time, but if you do the monthly or the twice-a-month, then they do have to stay the same. So now you know what I’m going to clean and I know what you expect I’m going to clean and you know my policies and I can expect that you know my policies and we have decided on a quote whether the whole house or a membership. What happens next, we booked a date and your date depends on several things. We really do try to get our clients on a day and a time that works best for them, but sometimes that is not always capable at that time. So we’re going to put you as early as we possibly can on a day that works the most for you and it is beautiful when somebody has more of an open schedule, Tulsa House Cleaning because we are getting booked to the nines right now so and scheduled can change in. We are always open to moving you to another day or time. That means that you better. So at this point you were going to put down a deposit to save your date and time and I use square and I will email you a super simple invoice. You can also pay with cash or check, but the square is very easy and quick, and so you pay that deposit that goes towards your clean. Tulsa House Cleaning It’S not an extra out of thin air. It actually is applied to the total price of your clean and then once we’ve got that situated. I’Ve got your deposit, I’m going to call or text you at least two days before your clean.

I’M going to remind you that we’re coming out I’m going to go over quickly what we’re going to do and we are all on the same page, I’m going to sell you a your buying a that is what is happening, we’re all on the same page. Everything is clear, so we’re going to come in we’re going to clean and I’m going to clean is done. I’M going to tell you how much time my team saved you that day, cleaning your home and I’m going to check to make sure that you’re happy with the clean, of course, because we have a 100 % money back guarantee the only 100 % money back guarantee. In Tulsa for a locally-owned cleaning company, so let’s tell you right now how you can get this fabulous highly rated exceptional service right here today. Tulsa House Cleaning You can call me at 918-408-8900 and clean that one free hour of cleaning that we offer. We are Tulsa’s only try-before-you-buy house cleaning company 1 hour any room in the area, no obligation to buy no obligation to invite me back we’re just going to come out there and we’re going to show you what we do. We’Re going to interview to be your house. Cleaning company, 91840. 8890. You can also find us on the world wide web nut cones tulsa.com. We are on Facebook, we are on Instagram or handles or homes Tulsa. I’M going to tell you. If you go to our Instagram page, you are going to see an amazing show of before and after that you did not even think was possible. You might have thought why didn’t he just burn that or so that in the trash and then we get a hold of it, and it just looks beautiful. That’S what we do so once again, our phone number is 918-408-8900 Tulsa’s, go to house cleaning company until next time, hiring looking craney and say