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Welcome to the new talk about all the fun things that you could be doing with your time. Instead of cleaning our cleaning specialist, take the hassle out of cleaning your Castle. Welcome to the nook and cranny podcast, nothing is that okay Barbie go to house cleaner in our area. The Tulsa Metro. We’Re excited that you’re joining us today for another, engaging and exciting episode of how to clean wine to clean and what you could be doing. Instead of cleaning, today’s topic is very important and I feel like one of the most grounded details that needs to happen when you hire a house cleaner, and that is security. We got a lot of questions on how we’re going to secure a home measures that we take to make sure that who is in your home is credible and trustworthy. So, let’s Dive Right In the famous and always quotable. Benjamin Franklin once said that distrust and caution are the parents of security, so most of our potential clients or clients that have some type of security issue or question or concern have that because something bad has happened to them in the past. Maybe something hasn’t been stolen, but definitely their home has been compromised in a way that really brings it to the Forefront the importance of who they hire. So, let’s go through some of their concerns are some statistics and what we do as a company to ensure that your home is secure when were in it and when we leave it. These statistics come from the website safe, wise.com, a leading website on home security. Tulsa House Cleaning So before I present these statistics, I don’t share these to scare anybody but to bring to the Forefront of our minds the importance of the subject if you’ve ever had your home broken into it. I have not been fully, but I have a girlfriend who has had her her home broken into three times in the past. I don’t know what to 3 years, which is quite often – and it is very unnerving very – Tulsa House Cleaning very could just make you so uncomfortable in your own home in our home is supposed to be that place that that we go to for a peace and sanctuary, and we Want to keep it that way as a company we never ever ever ever want to compromise what that home is supposed to mean to you, Phillips Drive in most burglaries happened between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. which is, which is ironic because, most of us don’t. We think of somebody, it’s dark and they’re wearing a mask and you can see them and you get woken up cuz. You hear glass shatter or Door Creek, but that is not it at all. Statistically, they happen between 10 a.m. 3 p.m. when people are home and generally when we are at home. Another one is burglars, usually live in the vicinity, so they may be scoping your home. Tulsa House Cleaning They may be watching your home, they might know your habits and last week they can be in and out in 10 minutes or less. That is fast in planned and coordinated. So what do we do as a company? What should you do as the homeowner to ensure that when you hire a house cleaner, nothing happened. Nothing is compromised by having that service that can be so valuable and time-saving to you, the homeowner. Well, let’s start off with you as a client, you as a potential client, you can ensure security by hiring bonded and insured cleaners. So whenever you hire a house cleaning service or a house cleaner, if they are not bonded insured, they do not value your home. The way that they should and that may ruffle some feathers and in the home cleaning house cleaning Community, we we do come together and Social Circles, Tulsa House Cleaning and that is a Hot Topic button that if somebody is not bonded and insured and sometimes they can be shamed by Those who are bonded insured – and it’s not purposeful – it’s just a it’s – it’s not very expensive to be bonded and insured. It really boils down to a house cleaner or a house cleaning company, not wanting to spend the few extra to ensure that if something happens with one of their cleaners that it’s covered or if something happens in your home, it’s covered. It’S so important that right off the bat, but if they are not bonded insured, don’t hire them. next avoid Craigslist, and I say that because there are lots of legit, I think trustworthy companies on Craigslist, but when you advertise on Craigslist because it’s free – let’s be honest – There are at least half, maybe not a little bit more of post that have nothing to do with house cleaning and can get you in a lot of trouble and I’ve actually seen in the older population.

There be some confusion because they thought that what they were getting was a actual cleaning service and it was not and I’ll share that story later on in just a few minutes: okay, so suck it is that you need to make sure that whoever you’re hiring if You’Re hiring a house cleaner. That means a lady or a gentleman working on his own. You as a homeowner need to background check them if they will not allow you to do a background check on them. Do not allow them in your home and some people can have a sketchy past and it not be on the record, and some people can have a sketchy past, but be great people now it’s here there, but you was a homeowner, can take a few steps to Ensure the security of your home. By doing this one simple step, you can get a background check for 35 they’re, not terribly expensive. If you want to ensure the security of your home now, Tulsa House Cleaning if it’s a house cleaning company like nook and cranny home keeping, you can actually request the background checks that we do on our team members. The only people that we don’t do background checks on are those that I have personally known and have brought into the company those I’ve known for years. I know they’re fabulous great people and I’ll welcome them on the team. Now, if I have a client that says, you may think they’re great people, Tulsa House Cleaning but I don’t want them in my home. That is completely understandable and we will make sure whoever is in your home is a background check person. Tulsa House Cleaning So I want to go back to that. That quote that Benjamin Franklin said he said distrust and caution. Are the parents of security so you’re either going to trust your gut instincts? You can trust me, but it all comes down to your previous experience. What does that look like for you and it can be different house to house homeowner homeowner, all right, so, let’s dive into just a couple of stories. I want to share from clients who have had a previous experience that put cost up front and does present some distrust with cleaning service or a cleaner. So we went on a walk through a couple of weeks ago for a couple who have had several house cleaners, and I believe that we might be the third or fourth that they are using just within maybe the past few months, because each one has presented some Different aspect of dropping the ball and it it all comes down to security. The last ones left their back patio door open and then they denied it. Tulsa House Cleaning So, of course, they’re fired they’re out of here, it’s Donald Trump would say: You’re Fired, they were gone so now we’re up to bat, and I am so pleased when we go on a walk through not that they have had that experience, but that we have systems In place and check some place that prevent that from ever happening and we’ll go through that here in a little bit, so a second-story in this is the one I mentioned earlier. Tulsa House Cleaning When it comes to Craigslist is we went on a walk through for a gentleman who hired he’s older, probably 75? Maybe almost 80 Vietnam vet sweet man, he hired a cleaner off of Craigslist.

Now. What he did not know was that she was not a cleaner. She was something else she did do a little bit of cleaning in his house and to him. He can’t really get around very well. His eyesight is a little bad. He could not really gauge and judge the situation and he never had a house cleaner before. So he really didn’t know what to look for or even how it should be working. So she did clean a little bit. She was tidying up the place, making a few things, look pretty bringing stuff in from the shed strung up some lights. He thought she was kind of throwing some decorating in there with the house cleaning. While she hits started a call service out of his house. He actually caught two gentlemen in his home and he did, but he didn’t know what to look for not, thankfully he was never hurt, but here’s the bad part of that story. She stole almost ,000 in cash from him, plus some household stuff. Then here’s why it’s important to do your homework. She had warrants out for her arrest. She had, I think, two and Texas to in Kansas and one or two and Oklahoma she had been around. She knew what she was doing. He did not know what to expect. So be very, why would not even higher offer Craigslist would not even use that as a legit hiring service or hiring source for a house cleaner? So what does statistics and the quote in a few stories of mine, Tulsa House Cleaning a few of client concerns that they have is? Who is in my home, who are you allowing in my home and will I have the same cleaner each time, and it would be very disingenuous for me as odd as the owner and operator to tell you. You can have the same people every single time, because people get sick people have, we have a lot of college girls, and so sometimes they might have something come up, but you will consistently have the same people and if somebody new is thrown into the mix, we Let you know, but our clients can take complete trust and comfort in knowing that we take the steps necessary that nobody is going to be allowed in your home, who has not been vetted? It’S not going to happen on Facebook here in Tulsa. There is a page called Tulsa looking to hire or Tulsa hiring looking for a job, there’s probably 20 25000 people on this page, and I have found a couple of really great gals on that page know what I also see. If I also see other house cleaning companies in the Tulsa Metro that hire on that page – and they literally say I need somebody tomorrow – you make it a clean background check from that person, but because there’s not a hiring process in there. A slow hiring process, then guess what they don’t really know who they’re allowing in your home, and that is how it trouble happens. Tulsa House Cleaning That is how it starts by a cleaning company being desperate enough just to need a warm body in if their background check comes up clean, then they’re going to put them in your home the very next day. So you should always ask what is the hiring process? How do you know this person is a great? Even they may have a clean record. How do you know? How do you know I love to take people’s Facebook pages? If I have somebody apply for a job, whether it’s they message me or they call me before. I even call them back or email them back. I look at their Facebook page.

You can tell so much about a person by just looking at their Facebook page before you even talk to them. You can see most what you want to know. You can see how they spend their time. They can. You can see what they like to do for recreation, and that is kind of controversial. Our new station actually just story about that not too long ago, and people were livid that their Facebook pages were being used. As a vetting process in hiring, but if you put your whole life on social media, then I don’t know: do you really get this day of how that information is used? I think it’s a great tool for employers to look at before starting the the hiring process. Alright, let’s talk about how we looking craney as a home cleaning company, how do we, what are the measures that we take to make sure your home is secure? Let’S first start with a team member or an employee, like I said I’ve at their Facebook page. We background check all of those I do not know. Personally, then, we also have a long hiring process and we fired fast and what that means is we get to know where people we get to know these these team members before we allow them in your home. They don’t shadow in a client’s home, they actually shadow in my home, and I get to know them a little bit better during that time and then they’re not allowed into a client’s home until they have been fully vetted there. You go a person in your home who is fully vetted background, checked you can trust who that person is. Tulsa House Cleaning You can trust who we hire so the Second Step that we take is we have a key release waiver that we have a client sign and what this is. It’S an agreement from the client to us that we can enter your home and leave your home without you there. I would say: I’m a jerk majority of our clients are not home and we clean. So there has to be some protocol. We have to know where a key is sometimes the client will give us the key. Sometimes there is a secure place for a key like a lockbox. Sometimes it is a a code to get into a front door or it’s a code to get into the garage. But there has to be some type of communication groundwork that we know how to get into the home securely and we know how to leave the home securely the. Lastly, what we will do is whenever we leave a home, we let a homeowner know, and we actually have quite a few that can arm their systems from their phones now, which is so convenient for everybody, so they’ll arm their system. We don’t have to touch it. I mean we can, and there are a few that we do. But the majority of those that have security systems can do it from their phone and they can do it right away, which is very convenient, and I think very settling for the homeowners mind that they know that it’s done right and – and we like that. We like that, we like that the the client knows it’s done, it’s good, absolutely. What we do is, we make sure all the blinds and the curtains are shut, because another statistic from safeway.com is that 30 % of all the burglaries they go through an unlocked window or door. So we will make sure everything is locked will make sure all the blinds are shut. If we clean a window, can we open it to clean the exterior side we started. We make sure that it’s locked, so we have systems in checks in place to make sure it’s left secure the way that it was when we got there and we’ve even had a few instances where the doors are already locked unlocked when we got there and we Let the client know, and sometimes that can just be – you know, trip up and it’s in the middle of the day and or it’s morning and you’re busy and you’re trying to rush out of the house. So we always take measures to ensure the client knows exactly. What’S going on with her home so that that concludes today’s time, talking about Security in your home. So if you’re in the Tulsa, Tulsa House Cleaning Metro or suburbs – and you are looking for a house cleaner – that can ensure the security of your home and higher team members that you can trust then give us a call at 918-408-8900. You can find us on the web at Nicole’s. Tulsa.Com, you can call or text or email us at Eliza Eliza at Nokomis tulsa.com, to claim a free one-hour clean. We are Tulsa’s, only try-before-you-buy house, cleaning and house cleaner company that you can do that. So give us a call text. Us email us check us out on the web or our Facebook page or handle is not Combs Tulsa. When you hire nook and cranny home keeping, you can say hello to life.