Create Real Estate Cleaning Services

The Real Estate Services division of Nook & Cranny delivers exceptional results for the purpose of showcasing properties at their finest. A clean home communicates dedication and respect for the property that gives potential buyers a confidence in it’s past care. The most diligent and professional realtors will refer or provide only bonded, insured, and background checked professionals.

Real Estate Services falls into the following categories:

  • Market Prep: A property to be put on the market requires a top to bottom cleaning. This thorough cleaning not only makes the home market ready but preps the home to be show ready. Even on small properties, a market prep clean can be an all day adventure for a team of professional cleaners equipped with the most efficient tools. This clean can save property owners up to 48 hours of their own time.The essentials for his service includes our signature Foundation Clean
    • Baseboards
    • Windows
    • Oven Interior
    • Window Dressings
      • *Property owners &/or realtors may add more deep clean projects as needed
  • Show Ready: After the full market prep clean a weekly maintenance clean provides for quick pick ups. The weekly maintenance clean will take the stress out of keeping your property properly clean. The essential for this service is our Foundation Clean.
  • Turn Over: For properties that have already sold but did not get the proper cleaning attention for the new owners or if a property is simply welcoming a new renter.

A note to Realtors:
Your clients trust you to recommend professionals. Your reputation is only as good as your weakest referral/hire!

A note to Property Owners:
Some realtors will gift a clean in preparation for sale. Who did they hire to be in your home, cleaning your marble, your granite, your 100 year old hardwoods? Did they go for cheap or quality?